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Don and Lorrie's 1st Whole30


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This is my husband, Don, and my first whole 30. We are on day 15. It has been more of a struggle for Don then for me. He is just thinking about "when it is over". So I have two weeks to convince him that he can be satisfied with delicious food. The first week went really well. I have been cooking a lot more then I was and I cooked a lot before. Here are some of the issues. 

Don doesn't like coconut, bitter leafy greens, black coffee, tea, spicy foods, and there is more. We have settled in on a pretty bland breakfast of scrambled eggs and fruit. He won't eat salad in the morning.

Don is missing his bread, dairy, and alcohol.


Geeze, that sounds pretty negative. I guess I am going through some stress on finding foods that are paleo30 that he really likes.


Well, I will keep working on it. 




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