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Natalie's Whole 30 Log (first of many?)


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Well, today is Day 1 of my Whole 30. 

I am so excited to start, but I know it may be a challenge so I am keeping this log for accountability.  And because I'm a big nerd who likes documenting stuff.


I read ISWF about 3 weeks ago but then was going on vacation and staying in another country at my mother-in-law's for two weeks so I didn't get to start right away.  I came home and after grocery shopping and attempting to do some food prep (didn't work out too well with a sick toddler but I got some done), I am starting today.


Currently I have been eating primal "ish".  I.e. Primal with the occasional beans, rice and peanut butter (and ice cream :wacko: ).


Challenges I forsee are:

- My husband is out of town and will be for the duration of my W30.  So I will have my toddler on my hands all the time when I'm not at work.  Often I don't eat dinner until he is asleep (even when my husband is home) and then it ends up being either something my husband cooked or whatever is easy to throw together). Preparation is going to be important.

- I had been intermitent fasting and not eating my first meal until around lunchtime or later usually.  I want to follow W30 as written and not do this.  I know IF is not neccesarily good for women either so I should see how i do without it for sure.  It is an issue though that I bring my breakfast to eat at work and often am either not hungry or too busy to eat all morning.

- I have a lot to do once my son goes to bed in the evening so I need to prioritise making healthy meals along with everything else.  I waste too much time on the internet so I need to cut this out. For my W30 I am also going to avoid internet except: obviously for work (including my contract job i do on evenings and weekends so can't avoid totally at home), posting this log, and checking email.  I will only go on Facebook if I get a notification i have a message or something.


My goals:

- Lose 5-10 pounds.  I have not lost my pregnancy weight and my son in 19 months. Whatever I do, I am stuck at 160, I cannot get below this weight. Before pregnancy I was 140 but I exercised extensively (as a hobby) and do not have the time for it anymore! But I need to get to 150 to be happy with my weight... and I want to have a second baby soon but don't want to get pregnant with the extra weight.

- Improve energy

- Slay the sugar dragon and nighttime snacking


Will post again later with my meals and how I feel.


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No. This is your only log. Just keep adding entries to this one. That way you have everything in one place.


The cooperation of your hormones is critical to weight loss. Eating breakfast within one hour of waking is very important to getting your hormones into their proper rhythm. So, whether you feel hungry or not... whether you or busy or not, if you want to start losing weight, you need to eat a substantial breakfast in a timely fashion. 

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Oh I didn't mean first of many posts... I meant first round of many Whole 30 rounds... I was just trying to come up with a title for the log.

I can't tell if there is a way to edit the title... I don't get the option when I try to edit the first post, if this title is inappropriate I can delete this post and start over.


Anyways, back to my log.

My food for today:

Meal 1 - onion, mushrooms, spinach, zuchini, 3 eggs, cooked in coconut oil w/ 1/2 avocado, and salsa (no non compliant ingredients)

Meal 2 - stew (leftover from the freezer) w/ chicken thighs, beets, carrots, tomato paste, balsamic vinegar; coleslaw w/ 1 hard boiled egg and homemade balsamic dressing

Meal 3 - big salad w/ coleslaw, green pepper, 1/2 pink lady apple, 1/2 can tuna, 1 hard boiled egg & home made balsamic dressing; kale chips


Also had 1 large cup of black coffee in the am. 


Today was a holiday here in Canada so not a normal workday, but I will be trying to eat breakfast at home before i go for the bus tommorrow am.  Today I only managed to eat breakfast within about 1.5-2 hours of waking up, because first my sick son woke up early and I tried to get him back to sleep, lying with me, he did for a while but i couldn't sleep. Then I had to feed him first and cook breakfast. 


I don't know if I ate too much kale chips... I made them for me and my son because he had some the other day and liked them but he spit them out - i think they weren't crispy enough for him to chew properly... so I ate all of them, from one bunch of kale.  The reason I had the eggs with the salads for meals 2 & 3 was that I wasn't sure there was enough protien without something more. I don't know if it was neccesary but I want to make sure I'm full after each meal.


So far so good - I was surprised how good the salad I had for dinner was.  So easy and simple to make in a rush too and very filling. 


I will be cooking a few things tonight... tommorrow's breakfast of eggs & veggies, "meatloaf muffins", salmon, and I will make more balsamic vinegrette. 

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Day 2 went well.

My meals were:

Meal 1: Onion, mushrooms, spinach, zuchini, 3 eggs, cooked in coconut oil w/ 1/2 avocado, and salsa

Meal 2: Salad with coleslaw, green pepper, beets, zuchini, salmon, balsamic dressing.  1/2 apple

Meal 3: Chili with no beans, ground beef and ground pork, broccoli, mushrooms, green beans, onion, tomatoes, 1/2 avocado; 3 large strawberries


How I am feeling:

I have had a bit of  a cold developing and really dry lips since I flew from the UK and returned to Canada.  They are both subsiding, the dry lips are not aggrevating me for the first time since I got them but it could be because I'm distracted at work.  (I also lost my good lip balm somehow at work, yet still the lips are feeling better). 

In the afternoon I got a bit of a headache/earache on my right ear, it is not strong, but an unusual feeling for me.



Did a class at the gym today, a tabata style class with eight, four minute rounds, a mix of cardio and strength. 

I ate at 7:00am, worked out at 12:00-12:45pm and ate lunch around 1:45pm

I did feel a little low energy during my workout but that might be because I haven't worked out since before vacation >2 weeks.  It is  surprising that I felt lower energy than when I was not eating anything until after my workout (i.e. fasting until 1 pm or later).  I still pushed as much as I could during my workout (no phoning it in).  I will see how I feel tomorrow before making any judgments.


I am a little confused about Pre and post workout meals.  My understanding of the book is it was only neccesary for elite athletes or extremely high intensity workouts, but looked at the forum for Whole 30 for athletes and it seems that people interpret this differently.  I will try a hard boiled egg before my workout tommorrow and then eat lunch right away afterwards. 


I am up late again prepping food. I made meatloaf muffins, steamed veggies, balsamic dressing and tommorrow's egg scramble for breakfast.  I need to get more efficient at food prep, it is cutting into my sleep.

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Day 3

I'm feeling great overall today, and my energy has been consistent and good all day. Before I had went on vacation I was sitting most of the day and now I am standing at my desk a lot more. 

My workout today was better too, possibly because I had a hard boiled egg 1/2 hour before hand. 


Meal 1 - Onion, mushrooms, spinach, green pepper, 3 eggs, cooked in coconut oil w/ 1/2 avocado, and salsa

Meal 2 - 2 turkey w/ veggie meatloaf muffins, broccoli & cauliflour steamed w/ balsamic dressing, tangerine

Meal 3 - Big salad - coleslaw, green pepper, mushrooms, 1/2 avocado, 3 strawberries, salmon, small handful almonds, balsamic dressing (awesome salad!)


Workout was a cardio fat blast class, I was feeling really good throughout.

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Ok, so yesterday I didn't get enough sleep and felt incredibly hungry at dinner time, kept eating and ate too much and didn't feel so well after.  Lesson learned.


Yesterday - Day 4:

My day off, I thought I'd get to sleep in a bit and stayed up later than I should have.  Then my son woke up at 5am and wouldn't go back to sleep, 3 hours earlier than I expected him to wake. So I ended up having only 3 hours sleep. Surprisingly and I think it has to do with the Whole 30 diet, I did not feel tired until around 5pm.   The rest of the day I felt fine, and just had my usual cup of coffee in the morning, nothing extra.


Meal 1: Onion, mushrooms, spinach, Zuchini, 3 eggs, cooked in coconut oil w/ 1/2 avocado, and salsa

Meal 2: Chicken Livers, mushrooms, green pepper, onions in tomato sauce with steamed broccoli/cauliflour/carrots, coleslaw w/ balsmic dressing, apple (shared with my son)

Meal 3: I am going to go through the servings I gave myself, to see where i went wrong:

- tomato sauce with eggs & steamed kale(frozen), drizzled some olive oil & salt on the kale

- coleslaw & balsamic dressing, I think I added something else to the salad but I can't remember

- another serving of the eggs & kale

- strawberries and half banana cut up with shredded coconut & coconut milk

- meatloaf muffin

- finished the can of coconut milk


So clearly Meal 3 was a big fail, I think the tiredness I was starting to feel derailed me. This makes sense - I think a huge trigger of my binge or inappropriate eating is when I'm tired.  Also I probably shoudn't have made the fruit & coconut thing...too much like a desert.  Lessons learned and filed away and I will not repeat this.  Also if I am tired I will think hard about whether I'm actually hungry or whether it's just tireness messing with my hormones.


Today - Day 5

Today went well.  Except I forgot to eat my hard boil egg I had packed for my pre workout snack.  I did feel like the workout was hard - and I'm not sure if it's psychological (since I realized I forgot to eat the egg), because I haven't done much weights in 3 weeks because of vacation, or because I didn't eat the snack.  So we'll see. Maybe I will have to set an alarm to remind me to eat the pre WO snack.

Meal 1: Onion, mushrooms, spinach, 3 eggs, cooked in coconut oil w/ 1/2 avocado, and salsa

Meal 2: Chicken Livers, mushrooms, green pepper, onions in tomato sauce with steamed kale, coleslaw w/ balsmic dressing, orange, hard boiled egg

Meal 3: salmon, steamed broccoli/cauliflour w/ balsamic dressing, coleslaw w/ 1/2 avocado & salsa


Yesterday was successful as par as food prep/shopping goes.  I picked up my grass fed beef I ordered from a local farmer, a mini family pack, about 20+ pounds for $110, and did a Costco run. And in the morning since we were up so early I cooked a few extra meals.

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I was hungry again after dinner.  This time quite a bit after dinner (4 hours).  I was hungry enough to have steamed fish and veggies as the saying goes so I ate, 3 meatloaf muffins & 2 bowls of steamed broccoli/cauliflour/carrots w/ lemon juice & salt.


I wonder if I am needing to eat more in the day. I did think my dinner was kind of small but I didn't know what else to eat.

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Yesterday - Day 6.


Eating was fine.  Made Well Fed's Chocolate Chili in the morning, first time cooking with grass fed beef. It was good. I added a green pepper next time I will definitely add more veggies.  Mushrooms, frozen spinach, more peppers and and an actual jalepeno pepper will be good additions I think. I went to my parents for dinner and it was easy because everything my dad made was Whole 30 compliant, he follows Grain Brain/Dr. Perlmutter's eating guidelines so that is nice.  I also brought my cauliflour there and processed it for cauliflour rice in their food processor  since mine is tiny and cheap. Will make that today.

I don't seem to work out on the weekends any more - that is fine now but I will need to figure something out when I get too busy at work to use the gym at lunch.

My one problem yesterday involves coffee and sleep. I had work to do in the evening after my son went to bed. I drank a big travel mug of coffee and I couldn't sleep after I finished my work.  So I didn't get as much sleep as I should have (and I didn't even wake up early to watch Canada's gold medal hockey game).  I really could not sleep.  So I will try to stick with avoiding coffee after noon.  I have work to do tonight so we will see, i will maybe drink 1 green tea if I feel tired, that is it.


Meals - Day 6

Meal 1 - the usual - Onion, mushrooms, spinach, 3 eggs, cooked in coconut oil w/ 1/2 avocado, and salsa

Meal 2 - Chocolate Chili, 1/2 avocado, sweet potato, coleslaw w/ balsamic dressing

Meal 3 - salmon filet w/ mustard/dill sauce, roasted brussel sprouts, beets, kale salad w/ avocado dressing, warm cabbage side


Go Canada Go! I managed to watch the third period of the gold medal game.  Now to making breakfast. 


Overall assessment - I am feeling good and I think my body composition is changing for the better - seem to be leaning out and firming up.  Awesome!  Loving the food, no downsides except for my grocery bills which are very high, considering my husband is out of town and it is just me.

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Today I went to an Asian supermarket to see what I might find there.  I got some ground pork for cheap, and they ground it fresh and left out the fat (conventional - but i've never found pastured ground pork around here), a local fryer chicken for a good price, some cabbage (to make nom nom's braised cabbage), shitakye mushrooms, and purple yams (to try).  I also got a chili paste but after bringing it home and searching the forum it has sulphites which isn't allowed.  I couldn't find the red boat fish sauce i've heared about here, or compliant curry paste but I got the compliant aroy d curry can at the regular supermarket yesterday.

I made the cauliflour today - its really good - I hope my husband will like it too - he really needs a replacement for rice if he's going to cut it out/cut down on it.


And I still feel great!


Day 7:

Meal 1 - the usual - Onion, mushrooms, spinach, 3 eggs, cooked in coconut oil w/ 1/2 avocado, and salsa

Meal 2 - cauliflour rice, chocolate chili, 1/2 avocado, some egg with tomato sauce , apple

*Meal 3* - bad choices - fresh coconut water & coconut young coconut followed by an entire brick of Creamed Coconut/coconut butter

Meal 4 - 2 meatloaf muffins, braised cabbage, cauliflour rice

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So last night was kind of a disaster.  I learned a couple of lessons.

What happened was that I cracked open a young coconut so my son could have some coconut water & meat with his dinner.  I had some coconut water too, and some meat.  Then I thought I didn't have time to get my dinner ready before putting my son to bed, but I was hungry so I opened a pack of Creamed Cocount (the little bricks) and had a bit - it is pretty much like coconut butter, and i had seen this as Whole 30 approved. So I had a bit.  Then I had more.  Then eventually I ate the whole package. 

So I have learned that coconut butter is a food without brakes for me.  I will keep it out of the house.  Just like nut butters and snacking on nuts these are things that I just can't moderate well.  It is best to avoid them. With coconut butter it will be easier than nuts & nut butters because it is not something my husband keeps in the house.  Too bad because it's delicious but I'm not ready for that yet.

Second lesson learned is that I really should not wait to have dinner until after my son goes to bed because I am more likely to end up making bad choices (more from tiredness and desire to rest once he is asleep than from hunger). 

I will edit previous post for last night's meals.  I ended up eating a small dinner following the template after the coconut butter binge.



Today is ok - I feel slightly less energy but it may be due to a few nights of less than ideal amount of sleep. I got 6.5 hours so that's not horrible but the previous night was only 4-5. I ate Meal 1 when I got to work instead of within the first hour of waking up due to time constraints. 


Meal 1 - salad w/ coleslaw, 1 meatloaf muffin, mushrooms, basamic dressing

Meal 2 - chicken livers w/ green pepper, tomato sauce, steamed kale, whole avocado; 2 small oranges

Meal 3 - big portion salmon, sauteed swiss chard, braised cabbage


Workout: I worked out before Meal 2 - I did not have time to prepare a pre-WO snack this morning, so I didn't have one. Again I found the workout (bootcamp) pretty challenging and felt slightly nauseas afterward.  Ate Meal 2 not right after the workout - around 2 hours later rather than right after - I know I should have right away but felt nauseas, also this morning was reading "Practical Paleo" book on the bus and in it she says you should NOT eat so soon after working out.  But I know I should have ate sooner.  Tommorrow I will improve the timing of my meals and pack a pre WO snack.


So I have food for tonight - I am running out of protein options.  I have a chicken and I want to make Nom Nom's slowcooker chicken & gravy tonight because I want to have lots of options in the fridge.

I also have 1/2 pound of grass feed beef thawed that I should fry up with some vegetables.  And I should make zuchini for my son, and saute some greens (bought kale & swiss chard this week).

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Yesterday - Day 9

Meal 1 - Onion, shitake mushrooms, spinach, kale 3 eggs, cooked in coconut oil w/ 1/2 avocado, and salsa

Pre WO - hard boiled egg

Meal 2 - chocolate chilli with cauliflower rice, coleslaw with balsamic dressing, 1/2 avocado

Meal 3 - Nom Nom's slow cooker chicken and gravy, braised cabbage, sauteed swiss chard

Meal 4 - chocolate chilli with cauliflower rice


I had 4 meals.  I was hungry after dinner (i ate dinner relatively early) and so I ate another meal rather than a snack.  After thinking it over it is probably because I had a pretty intense workout today. Right before lunch, and then ate my lunch right after, but technically could have had an additional meal.  So I listened to my body and didn't go crazy with snacking or anything and i feel pretty good. At the time i kind of thought, should i be doing this, but i feel pretty good with my choice after over analyzing it.


As for my workout, I felt really good, my best workout since starting Whole 30. So i will definitely make sure to always have the pre WO snack. I might just bring a bunch of hard boiled eggs to work at the beginning of the week to have for my snacks all week so i don't have to bring it each day.


I had really itchy legs last night, which is a problem i frequently suffer from and I don't know why, but the first time since on Whole 30, so that was a bit disappointing, i thought maybe Whole 30 would help get rid of that.


Today - Day 10

Meal 1 - Onion, mushrooms, spinach, kale, zuchini, 3 eggs, cooked in coconut oil w/ 1/2 avocado, and salsa, bit of mango & blueberries

Meal 2 - Salmon, coleslaw, zuchini, 1/2 avocado, balsamic dressing, 3 strawberries

Meal 3 - chicken livers w/ green pepper, tomato sauce, cauliflower rice, cabbage,

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Day 11

Meal 1- Onion, mushrooms, spinach, kale, 3 eggs, cooked in coconut oil w/ 1/2 avocado, and salsa,

Meal 2 - Slow cooker chicken & gravy, cauliflower rice, sauteed swiss chard, hard boiled egg

Meal 3 - slow cooker chicken &  gravy, swiss chard, braised cabbage, coleslaw & balsamic dressing & 2 small mandarin oranges

Snacking during cook-up - roasted beets in coconut oil, pork meatloaf muffin


Forgot to eat my egg before my workout so ate it with lunch post workout.  Didn't do a class but did lift heavy weights first time since on Whole 30 - seemed to go okay.


I'm running out of prepared food, have to do some cooking tonight.


...I did cook, but i ended up snacking a bit - i know it is frowned upon.  But it was just good stuff i was cooking and not anything sweet so that is good.  I ate all the beets I cooked though! But i hadn't cooked that many, didn't have much left. 


I did make;

slow cooker chicken broth

roasted beets

sauteed eggplant

ground beef and sweet potato curry

pork meatloaf muffins

steamed broccoli & cauliflower

breakfast for tommorrow


I was getting nervous about running out of food in the fridge.

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Yesterday - Day 12

Meal 1 - Onion, mushrooms, spinach, kale, 3 eggs, cooked in coconut oil w/ 1/2 avocado, and salsa,

Pre WO - hard boiled egg

Meal 2 - coleslaw w/ 1/2 avocado, balsamic dressing (brought wrong container to work - no protein!!), tangerine

Meal 3 - ground beef & sweet potato curry, about 2 plantains fried in coconut oil, pear

Meal 4 - more ground beef & sweet potato curry


Today I felt I messed up my eating and routine when i packed some eggplant that was gross & mushy by mistake instead of my beef & sweet potato curry for lunch. So i had no protein (and it was also my post workout meal). 

Then I didn't eat dinner until 7 because there was a lot going on.  I ate very carb heavy for dinner and I haven't been eating much starchy carbs at all the whole time yet.  I fried 2 plantains for me and my son he ate his all up and demanded more so i fried my last two and ate another myself.  Then I ate a pear.  I think my inadequate lunch made me really hungry.

then after I put my son to bed i ate more of the beef/sweet potato curry, I finished it off.  The whole batch had 1/2 pound beef so I guess that is a lot but not too horrible considering I had not protein at lunch. 

I probably should have just went to bed though instead of eating the fourth meal - i went to bed with my stomach feeling too full.


Today - Day 13 -

Meal 1: Onion, mushrooms, spinach, kale, 3 eggs, cooked in coconut oil w/  avocado, and salsa,

Meal 2: chicken, cauliflower rice, coleslaw & boiled egg, mango


I was going to make curry tonight and i just reread the ingredients on my can of curry sauce and it has sugar. I read on here Aroy D didn't but i guess that was the paste which i couldn't find. I had read it in the store but somehow missed the sugar. Good thing I caught it!

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