Day 9.


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Woke up alert before my alarm  :D 

11.00am and drowsy and falling asleep at my desk :( 

Bloated, gassy and burpy :( 


My food log is here -


Is this just a transition period still? I thought I'd be starting to feel pretty good by now! 


So glad this forum exists.. I don't know what I would have done without you all!

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You could still be in a transition period.


Some thoughts:

- raw veggies can cause bloating for some. Try switching to all cooked and see if that helps.


- I wonder if you're consistently getting at least the minimum amount of fat in your meals? For example, I notice you are poaching eggs and chicken.  If you cooked them with a compliant fat instead, that would be a way to get more fat in.


- are you having at least one carb-dense vegetable daily?  Especially at breakfast, that could help with your energy. Carb-dense vegetables include sweet potatoes, winter squash, beets, carrots, jicama, plantains, rutabaga and parsnips.


- are you staying sufficiently hydrated? Aim for drinking water, in the amount of at least half your body weight in ounces, daily.


- is your breakfast big enough when you're having 2 eggs for your protein? The number of eggs is the amount you can hold in your hand.

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Thanks for that!


A lot of my habits are convenience... Breakfast and lunch needs to be cooked/assembled at work (thus the poaching and raw ingredients). Dinner time is almost always 'on the go'. I usually go straight to salsa training from work and I'm there until after 10.00pm 4 - 5 days a week.


I am learning though - the fat thing has definitely been inconsistent.


- I'll start steaming my raw veggies in the microwave at work see if that helps. Would raw veggies at lunch cause bloating next day?


- I was recommended home made mayonnaise so made a batch last night and added to my lunch today. The poaching is a convenience thing, however now I have the mayo I will make sure I add that in to my poached meats.


- I have carrots with lunch and dinner most meals, but breakfast is definitely missing a carb dense vegetable. Do I have to have carb dense vegetables all meals? I'm steering clear of sweet potato as a goal is definitely weight loss. I don't have a lot to lose, so am conscious of too many carb dense vegetables in my diet. Is this silly?


- Can you help me with the conversion I'm in litres/kgs here. My body weight is 60kg, so half of that in ounces is 1000 ounces...? that's like 30 litres? I probably get 2 litres a day consistently (70 ounces)


- I thought about three eggs for breakfast this morning.. but then added the grapes.. and thought 'well I shouldn't have the extra egg'. A lesson, don't let fruit push other things off your plate! I think I should be having three eggs.. it's a 'two egg' habit I'll have to break.


Thank you so much for your support and advice, it's great to do this.. and not be alone!

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