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First Whole 30 - Fast food Junkie


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I am beginning this journey because I have a fast food addiction I cannot quit.  I know its terrible for me, I know I feel awful after eating it, I know my money just pours out of my wallet, but I CANT stop.  I think its because growing up my mom NEVER let us eat fast food.  As soon as I gained some control of my diet I made up for it in a hurry.  I'm really trying to break my fast food habit and get back into swimming shape!


Day 1 Impressions-


After Lunch I was SOOOO hungry.  I ate dinner early and barely got my steak to Medium Rare before demolishing a huge portion.


I cannot believe how many foods I am used to eating, that I thought were healthy have crazy weird preservatives in them.  Seriously chili powder? Dextrin?  Attempting to find Tuna was a huge hurdle.  I thought the "Natural" salad dressing I have been using would be okay... wrong.  It's loaded with sugar.  Good thing I can whip up a vinaigrette with ease.  


I know smoothies aren't recommended, but I am going to get tired of eggs and veggies for breakfast quickly.  Breakfast is my comfort meal.  I normally carb load my breakfast, so eating the things I normally eat sans bread makes me feel like I'm missing out.

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Think of breakfast as "Meal 1" and that opens up eating possibilities for many things beyond eggs.

Many folks have leftovers or soups and protein for meal 1.


Here are several past threads with non-egg (and non-smoothie) possibilities for breakfast:





You can still "carb-load" your breakfast. On a Whole30, that's done with carb-dense vegetables including sweet potatoes, winter squash, beets, carrots, jicama, plantains, rutabaga and parsnips.

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If you were hungry after lunch, you probably did not eat enough at breakfast or lunch. 


Many people don't eat enough when they start a Whole30. Be sure to eat at least the minimum recommended in the meal template - http://whole9life.com/book/ISWF-Meal-Planning-Template.pdf - and don't be afraid to eat the maximum.

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Here I am on Day 7 and making pretty good progress.  I had HUGE hurdles this week that I navigating with surprising ease.  Meals so far have been easier than anticipated, in fact, I was craving my made from scratch marinara with meat sauce over spaghetti squash all week.  Breakfast continues to be a struggle, but I have been making do with plantains and sweet potatoes as a base for veggies and eggs and that seems to be doing the trick.  


On Thursday, Day four, the Boss surprised the office by bringing in cupcakes, which I managed to decline, despite some cajoling by co-workers.  Later I attended a potluck celebration which featured fried chicken and many pasta and potato salads.  All of which I ignored for a plateful of veggies.  Then I had to go to another event serving jambalaya and bread pudding, both of which I managed to decline.  I ended day four feeling so strong and proud of my amazing willpower.


Friday was a terrible day at work which normally ends in beer, but I settled on renting a sad movie and crying it out at home while nursing a club soda with lime.


Saturday was an all day out at sporting event.  Watching others devour popcorn, candy, soda and hotdogs was really difficult to stay on track, but I just reminded myself why I was doing this (helped along by jeans that are a little snug).  After, I went with a group to eat MEXICAN of all things and had to pass on chips, queso, margaritas and tortialls, but I felt really satisfied with the fajitats with grilled veggies as a side in lieu of rice and beans and guac rather than cheese.  


Today I woke up craving bacon.  I thought I had some in the freezer from the local butcher from a half pig we bought off an FFA kid last year, but I can't find it.  So I supposed I'll just have to wait for this craving to pass.  


So far this week has been less challenging than I ever imagined.  A huge part of it I think is that by limiting my options in so far as food, I feel like I am much more capable of making choices and planning meals ahead of time.  Other than a splitting headache which really hit me hard on day 2-3, I've felt pretty good, though tired.  I'm definitely looking forward to the new energy I should be feeling next week this time! 

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