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RE: liquid fish oil Vs. caps

Ty Fyter

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Hey guys!

I've been using liquid fish oil (5g/day) but find it really messy, if I transitioned to caps, would I still see a benefit?




p.s. 'cause I know this will come up, no I don't like eating fish or seafood...


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I sip the Stronger Faster Healthier fish oil that the Whole9 recommends directly from the bottle. Not messy at all. Taking capsules is fine. Just make sure you get the needed amount of EPA and DHA. There is no standardization across brands. One pill of one brand may offer a fraction of the EPA and DHA of another.

Read details about fish oil at http://whole9life.com/fish-oil-faq/.

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If you want to take capsules of fish oil, Minami is a great option, they have higher concentration of Omega-3 per capsules than any one else, one variety has 900mg, and less filler oil, which in most other brands is sunflower.

I don't work for them, I work in the supplement department at Whole Foods, in case anyone was wondering.

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