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Homemade Jerky recipe anyone


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I would be interested in hearing some recipes too.  I've made jerky in the past using Alton Brown's recipe.  http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/alton-brown/beef-jerky-recipe.html#


It came out really nice.  But it calls for soy sauce and honey.  So that is problematic if you want to stay compliant.  We used gluten free soy due to my husband's wheat allergy.  I wonder if you could use coconut aminos?  The problem with jerky is you want to cure it.  However, maybe you can switch to coconut aminos and some fruit juice?  Then if keeping the jerky fresh is a problem, just store in the freezer till you eat it.


I didn't do the 'box fan' method that Alton calls for in his recipe.  I used my dehyrdator on a low setting and it came out fine.

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