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Hello all,


A quick one to start the topic off.


I have been up and down with my weight for the past 7 years.....


Brief Background

Last year I completed a Whole 60 then had three weeks off and then completed a Whole 90. At the start of 2013 I was 277 ilbs and by July first I was down to 196 ilbs. I then tried to do a Whole 120 from August and lasted maybe 40 days before 'falling off' the wagon. I ate whatever, whenever. Over the Christmas period I gorged. By January 5th 2014 I was back up to 246 ilbs.... :( So I got back on to it and I had lost weight again and was more energetic. Training was regular and effective, I was feeling great. Then it happened again and I fell off the wagon once more.


The Now

So...here we are again....DAY 1!!! The psycology is a little off, because I had one last binge yesterday, because I knew I was starting the Whole (30? 45? 90? 120?) and that's not right. Nor is that is it? I need to commit and say right I am doing a Whole30 or whichever it is.


OK here goes...so it's in black and white....I am commiting to a Whole 90!!!! I am going to Australia for a month in 108 days. So I will from today do a Whole 90 with a 10 day re-introduction which all told will finish a week before my departure.


In any case - to the title. I know the Whole 30 isn't about calorie counting or tracking food or any of that. It's about eating clean healthy foods and making positive changes to live a healthier, better life.

What I want to know though, is there anything wrong with keeping a diary? I made a note this morning for example of how much sleep I got last night (and at what times) and then what I had for breakfast...should I not?

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Welcome back!


The diary of what you eat (food log), tracking hours of sleep and how you feel is absolutely fine - it's even encouraged!  That's a big part of what the Whole30 is about in terms of changing your relationship with food.

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