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Tj's 1st Whole 30

Tj V

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Whole 30

Day 1

4-6 oz. Kombucha
Coffee with Cinnamon

Brekkie: 3 eggs, scrambled, with garlic salt and coconut oil; 1/4 avocado with xtra virgin olive oil drizzle, salt and pepper. Mixed veggies cooked in butter and garlic (left overs). 1/2 glass Kombucha plain.

Lunch: Baby carrots, celery, handful of raw hazelnuts and 1 orange

Dinner: Aidells Artichoke and Garlic Smoked Chicken Sausage x 2, steamed green beans and asparagus, half a banana. (too full after dinner. should wait longer to let my food “catch up†with me. need to learn to eat slower)

Felt fine this a.m. and got pretty sleepy around 11 a.m., but that isn't unusual. Tried to take a nap around 1230 but unable to get neck comfie. Developed the usual 3ish p.m. headache, whether it's sinus related or not is anyone's guess. Took Tylenol for headache about 1615. Not drinking enough water maybe? Have had to use sinus spray about 3 times already today. 
Missing my cough drops and the weight scale!!

Day 2

Coffee, black with cinnamon
1/2 glass of Kombucha

Brekkie: 3 eggs, scrambled w/olive oil. steamed green beans w/ clarified butter. 1/4 avocado

Lunch: Arugula and Spinach salad, small. 1/2 chicken breast, tomato, onion, radish, pepper. homemade olive oil/vinegar dressing. banana.

Dinner: chuck roast, broiled. green beans w/clarified butter. sauteed mushrooms in clarified butter and garlic.
herbal tea

Had a really rough night, trying to sleep. Been having problems with feeling as though someone is pushing their fingers in to my esophagus, near where my thyroid is. It makes it hard to sleep because it makes me feel as though I can't breathe right. Finally had to take a melatonin, which finally made it possible to fall asleep. As a result, I'm very sleepy this morning. Woke up with the same headache I had all afternoon, yesterday and all night. Drank quite a bit of water last night and even so, I had such a dry throat that I nearly caved in and put a chip of cough drop in my mouth to lubricate my throat. I didn't cave and had to get up multiple times to pee and drink more water for my parched throat. I know that having such a dry throat is a sign of Diabetes, but I don't even want to go there. I'm counting on this new way of living/eating to take care of all of these issues.
Headache not as bad today, but crept in around the same time...3:30 pm. Thyroid pressure good all day but started to act up after dinner. Is this a night time thing or what? Started taking Mucinex for sinus issues. 

Day 3

Coffee with Cinnamon
sm. glass of Kombucha

Brekkie: Scrambled eggs in olive oil (3), steamed veggies with clarified butter, 1/4 avocado

Lunch: hard boiled egg, banana (wasn't hungry but knew I had to eat something. took a nap afterwards and woke up feeling hypoglycemic. best to not eat a banana with such a small amount of protein) 
Had to have a celery stick, 4 baby carrots and about 8 hazelnuts

Dinner: Chuck roast with clarified butter and garlic, steamed asparagus with clarified butter, cucumbers and vinegar.

Poor sleep last night. I think the sinus meds kept me from falling asleep deeply, then woke with the “itchiesâ€. Had to take a Melatonin around midnight. Lower back pain kept me awake, as well as this nagging, dull, pain in my mid/side of my left back area. I don't know what this is, maybe poor posture? Trying to work on that. 
On the good side, my throat wasn't AS dry last night, although I still had to get up and pee several times during the night and each time drank a good 3 or more swallows of water. My thyroid was a little issue, but nothing nearly as bad as the night before, so that was a blessing.
Feeling groggy and “slumpy†this morning and my coffee isn't cutting it and I struggled with wanting to weigh myself this morning, afraid I wasn't losing any weight. I worry about getting to the end of the 30 days and having gained weight! Don't know if I can make it without the scale!
Have this weird feeling on the inside, hard to explain, almost like when you are sick and weak. I don't feel bad though. Missing something sweet after dinner, but that's habit, not hunger. Still totally missing my cough drops!!!!! Was hoping the hot flashes would subside by now, but they are still plaguing me. No explaining when they happen, but seem more likely about 30-45 min. after a meal.

Day 4

Decided maybe the sugar from the fruit, in the Kombucha might be sabotaging me on an empty stomach, starting the insulin production early, so will have it only with meals.

Brekkie: 3 eggs scrambled w/olive oil, 1/4 avocado, steamed veggies w/clarified butter, kombucha

Lunch: 1 orange, 2 hard boiled eggs, 8 hazelnuts

Dinner: 2 fried pork chops with mango spicy salsa, cucs and vinegar

Woke up feeling pretty good this morning and slept pretty good. I've been waking up around 3 and having a little urge to just get up cause I feel awake. Still getting up a couple times a night to go potty, but not AS danged thirsty as before. My throat hasn't been AS dry either.
Pulled muscle or back spasm has plagued me all day. Felt very bloated and super full about 1-2 hours after eating lunch. Didn't want much dinner. Feel as though I'm gaining weight, not losing weight. So tempted to get the scales out! Hoping tomorrow will be better. 
Felt like all my dinner was in my throat and when I burped, some food came up. Had to take an over the counter acid pill, on top of my Prilosec. Praying I'm not gaining weight!!!!!!!



Day 5 


Coffee, black

Brekkie: 2 scrambled eggs w/olive oil, 1/4 avocado, steamed veggies w/clarified butter, kombucha

Lunch: sm. salad with hard boiled egg

Dinner: sm. chicken breast, spinach, clarified butter and green beans

Found out that I probably need to be taking Magnesium to help with the muscle spasms. 
Had a bad night sleeping again. This time it was because of the muscle spasms/pain in my back. Ended up taking more Tylenol and Ibuprofen and sleeping on a heating pad all night. Will be so happy to find some relief for this! 
The Whole 30 Daily for today suggested I go to the Forums and tell someone about 1 thing that has vastly improved over this 5 days. I honestly couldn't come up with one. I fear I'm gaining weight, last night was bloat city, I have back spasms and I'm burping food, even though I haven't over eaten. Gonna keep going though. They warned that things would probably get worse before better and let's be honest, it took me 56 years to get in the horrible shape I'm in, so expecting miracles in 4 days is a bit unrealistic, don't ya think?!
Nearly wanted to quit today, due to gaining weight. I caved and measured myself, but didn't weigh myself. Looks like I've gained an inch! Went to the forum and boo hoo-ed. They helped me out and gave me some pointers. Don't know what I'd have done without them. 
Trying no coffee first thing, until after brekkie. Need to find a way to have meat with brekkie too, not just eggs. 
Back spasms are eating me up! 

Day 6

Trying the whole “no caffeine†prior to first meal rule. I am worried that since I feel as though I've been gaining weight, and my pants are tighter, I might be setting myself up for failure, with my caffeine stimulating cortisol production. I know this isn't good, so I'm trying to be compliant with W30 and give myself the best chance for success. Here we go!

8 oz. water to start the day
cup of herbal tea

Brekkie: (approx. an hour after I got up) 3 scrambled eggs with garlic, salt, pepper, 1/4 avocado, 3 fresh strawberries, steamed frozen veggies w/butter. Kombucha

Made my coffee while fixing brekkie, but didn't pour a cup until after I had finished brekkie and washed the dishes.

Coffee, w/a bit of coconut milk

Lunch: Salad w/home made Italian dressing (W30 compliant), including cucs, peppers, onion, mango salsa. Chicken breast, pretty fat one, so I only cut up 3/4 of it and put it in my salad. Glass of Kombucha

Dinner: Chicken breast saute' with frozen veggies, in coconut oil and clarified butter, garlic, rosemary, salt and pepper. 1/4 avocado. Water.

Slept fairly well last night, but had to take Tylenol for this nagging, painful (can't even take a deep breathe) back spasm. Slept on a heating pad all night too. A friend told me about some home remedy for muscle cramps and spasms. She said it works for her Mom and several friends, so what the heck, I'm willing to try anything! The remedy is to take a bar of soap (any kind, apparently) and place it under the fitted sheet in your bed (head or foot of bed or both). They swear by it. It sounds really stupid, but when you're desperate....
**Ate brekkie at about 6 a.m. and by 1030-1100, I was pretty darned hungry, so perhaps that's the trick. Maybe I just didn't have enough time between breakfast and lunch before.
So, good news is my back spasms are almost gone!! Was it the soap in my bed? Was it the heat pack? Was it the Magnesium? Was it God? I'm giving the glory to God!
Eating was easier today, as I had about 5 hours between brekkie and lunch, then about 5.5 hours between lunch and dinner. I was hungry or getting hungry each time, not stuffed. I think it was the length of time between meals for me and maybe not having the Prilosec suppressing my digestion too. Not sure, but it worked much better. Also ended up on drinking about 1-2 cups of coffee, which is not normal for me. Just didn't really want that much. Hmmm...may end up giving it up at some point. Not going there yet though.
Pants are still tighter, but I'll roll with the changes and pray it all works out, like the experts say it will.

Day 7



1/2 cup Rooibos tea

Brekkie: 3 scrambled eggs with clarified butter, 1/4 avocado, steamed veggies w/clarified butter and garlic seasoning.

Coffee w/a splash of coconut milk


Lunch: Ground Turkey, Salad, Mango Salsa, Onion, Tomato, Peppers, Spicy Salsa

Dinner: Hamburger patty, grilled. Portobello mushrooms caps used for buns, green chili's, smashed avocado, pickles, baked sweet potato fries and carrot fries. (It's my birthday and this is my birthday dinner. It's not Red Robin, but it will have to do.) **it was rockin'!

Slept fairly well last night, but did have to take an over the counter acid reflux pill, however, I sometimes had to take 2 to supplement my prescription Prilosec, so there is progress.
I've noticed that since I have no chocolate creamer for my coffee and since I no longer drink it until after breakfast, I'm only drinking about 1 1/2 cups. Gonna have to make less coffee, as I don't like day old warmed over and I'm throwing over half a pot away.
Tried to clean the house today, but I'm beat. I feel as though someone snuck in and stole every ounce of energy I had and then stomped on it and threw it out with the trash. I got my bathroom cleaned and I feel as though I worked a 12 hour shift! Can't wait for this “burst of energy†everyone talks about, cause mine has currently left the building! Mom reports similar lack of any type of energy as well.
Finding I'm not a huge fan of clarified butter. All the flavor is gone without the milk solids in it. Really, what's the point of using it, it's just oil and bland at that. I guess I'll be using a bunch more Olive Oil and Coconut Oil. Might try some Ghee, since I read that it has a “nutty†flavor. Clarified butter has no flavor.
Made some “taco†seasoning from scratch for the ground turkey today and all there was was heat, no real flavor. It was pretty disappointing, really. Tried making a taco salad of sorts for lunch and it just made me miss sour cream and shredded cheese. Gonna have to doctor up the left overs if I'm gonna be able to eat them. Not sure what to do with that.


Day 8

1/2 cup herbal tea (will probably stop drinking this. It's making me too full and then I have to force myself to eat breakfast.)


Brekkie: 3 scrambled eggs in clarified butter, 1/4 avocado, 4 left over baked sweet potato sticks, 4 left over baked carrot sticks, 4 baby carrots.

Coffee with a splash of coconut milk (probably drank less than a mug of coffee today. Just not all that appealing to me)

Lunch: Pulled Pork w/spicy pineapple sauce, sm. wedge of meatloaf, zucchini, tomato and parsley salad, “monkey salad†(a friend brought it over: sliced banana, raw cashews, no sugar coconut flakes and topped with coconut cream=yummo!)

Dinner: Same as lunch cause it's that good!


Dealing with a fair amount of mid back and lower back pain, last night and all day so far. Have had to take something for it, which I feel is sort of counter productive to this program, however, when you can't sit or lie down due to the pain, then you must do what you must. Probably gonna have to give in and visit the doctor as this has been going on too long. Have no idea what I did, it just started bugging me and has not gotten any better. Anywho...yesterday and today have been major drag butt day. Just can't seem to function and the minute I get done eating breakfast, I'm ready to go back to bed, even though I slept fairly well (although it was with the help of a heating pad all night). 
Got a gas bubble or something stuck up under my ribs, right about the lower chest line, straight across the torso, right after lunch and it hasn't left yet. Not sure what it could be, most likely something I had for lunch. Acid reflux tonight. Probably due to no Prilosec for 2 days and the spice in the pulled pork.

Day 10

*I know I skipped 9, but stuff happens. I was compliant and that's what matters, right?

Brekkie: 2 scrambled eggs in clarified butter, slice of meatloaf, 2 left over sweet potato baked “friesâ€, green beans (canned from our garden last summer), 1/4 avocado w/salt and pepper, kombucha

Coffee w/splash of coconut cream

Lunch: Left over pulled pork w/spicy pineapple sauce, romaine lettuce, tomato, green onion, avocado, mango salsa

Dinner: Home made spaghetti sauce on spaghetti squash, drizzled with olive oil. “Monkey salad†(banana, cashews, coconut chips, coconut cream, cinnamon)

Finally starting to feel as though at least inches are coming off, whether or not any weight is, I can see a difference in the mirror and the way my pants are fitting. Slow and steady, right? 
Still having a tough time with sleep, but I think it's all due to the continual muscle spasm in my mid back. Doctors appt. on Tues. I'm so over this! Been going on now for about 3 weeks.
I have also noticed that my fingers and toes aren't as swollen when I get up and I don't have that sausage feeling in my fingers. I think my face is a bit slimmer too. 
Been a rough day so far, though....lots of bathroom time! TMI? Anywho, hadn't had any action in that respect for a couple days, so decided to take two senekot last night, forgetting that I had started taking Magnesium, at lunch yesterday, so.....I'm looking at it like detox, right?
Starting to feel a bit better now, still requiring naps, but the achy feelings are pretty much gone, except for that muscle spasm in my back! So, looking forward to the WOW moment when I have lots of energy and the whole thing just starts clicking.....
Ate too much dinner. Don't like feeling like it's all I can do to try to suck my gut in! Smaller portions would have been better. Live and learn. Started taking Prilosec again, yesterday evening. Will try going off it further down the road.



Day 11

Slept a bit better last night, so that's good.

Brekkie: 2 scrambled eggs in clarified butter, green beans, meatloaf and 1/4 avocado. Kombucha

Coffee, black w/sprinkle of cinnamon

Lunch: spaghetti squash with spaghetti sauce w/beef (homemade)

Dinner: Chicken sausage x 2, salad, home made olive oil and vinegar dressing

Still dealing with back spasms. Sounding like a broken record, right? I'm liking not feeling too full and bloated after meals. Almost every night, though, I miss my cough drops and/or gum or something sweet. Most of all I miss my sugar free chocolate creamer! All in all, I'm starting to feel a bit better and hopefully, once I see the doc for my back spasms, I'll hit the ground running!


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Having coffee after breakfast is a good move. In fact, that's what ISWF recommends, as caffeine can be an appetite suppressant.

Whole30 recommends that each meal follow the meal template of 1-2 palms of protein, 1-3 cups of veggies and the appropriate amount of compliant fat. When eggs are your protein, the serving size is the number of eggs you can hold in your hand.

Your lunch on day 5 looks too small - 1 egg is not a big enough protein serving. Lunch on day 4 was missing veggies.

You mention butter at several meals. Is this clarified butter? Regular butter is not allowed on a Whole30.



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  • Moderators

I can feel the intensity of your desire to lose weight. I want to help you lose weight, so I am going to tell you something that you will find difficult to accept. You are not eating enough to support weight loss. When you eat small amounts of food, your metabolism slows to save energy. It is almost impossible to lose weight when your metabolism is slow and when you do succeed, it is very slowly and painfully. However, when you eat as much food as your body genuinely needs to be nourished, your metabolism speeds up and losing weight occurs faster and easier. I know this sounds crazy, but it is true. Now here is the really painful thing. You are likely to gain a few pounds when you first begin to eat enough. You metabolism will take some time to speed up. It won't happen the first day you eat enough or the second. It may take more than a week, but eventually, your metabolism will speed up and your body will begin to release fat. 


The meal template that Chris mentioned is your friend. If you follow it consistently, you will eventually lose weight and lose it easily, but it will take time. 


Here is another thing that is important to know. The biggest contributor to weight loss during a Whole30 is getting your hormones into their proper rhythm. The best thing you can do to get your hormones in order is to follow the meal template consistently and to eat your first meal within an hour of waking. Hang in there. You can do this.


Oh yeah, part of why we tell you not to weigh yourself is because the scale lies and tells you that you are doing it wrong when actually, you may be doing it right. 

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Thanks GFChris! Yes, it's clarified butter. Guess I should specify that, huh? As far as the eating too little goes, I had to force myself to eat what I did at lunch. I've been doing without lunch for quite awhile. I was still so bloated and full from breakfast that I was really miserable even eating lunch at all. I really am trying and will continue to try harder. Thanks!

Thanks Tom. I'm sure you know what you're talking about, but omgosh! I am so stuffed most of the time, I can't hardly catch my breathe! I have started today, after reading some of the forum posts and the book (my Mom is reading it first, so I haven't had the chance to read the whole thing yet), to eat my breakfast no more than an hour after waking, then doing coffee AFTER breakfast. Today I had a glass of water, right off the bat, then some herbal tea, then about an hour later, I had 3 scrambled eggs, 1/4 avocado, 3 fresh strawberries and a bunch of steamed veggies, then some home made, compliant kombucha. I'm so stinking stuffed! I honestly don't know how I can eat more. Hopefully, I will be more hungry for lunch though, because I had my breakfast at about 6 a.m., when normally, it's around 8 or so.
Thanks so much for your advice and I'm sure you're right. I just don't know how I can stuff more food in myself and I'm usually a pretty good eater. I stopped taking my Prilosec for acid reflux, because I fear it's causing my digestion to be all messed up. I'm really praying that eating right will stop the acid reflux without meds. Maybe not having coffee until after my first meal will help too. I know it would probably be best to give up the caffeine all together, but it's a bit much for me right now. I'm pretty positive though, that once I get really going on this (my Mom and I are already planning on more than 30 days, probably 60+) I'll eventually give up the caffeine. Anyway, thank you so much for your help! I'll post my Day 6 stuff at the end of the day.

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