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Week 1 Complete & I'm a different person

Keri W.

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Looking back at where I was a week ago...I can honestly say that I'm thrilled with where I am now. I feel soooooooooo much better...lighter, freer, positive, calm. I even look better! I can tell that my face, waist, and legs are thinner. A week ago, I felt hopeless, exhausted, sick, angry, and disgusted with myself. I know that in the past I've experienced good feelings while on various diet programs, but nothing like this. Things are different this time. There are no psychological games with the scale...and no stress of feeling famished and knowing I've already had my maximum points or calories for the day. Yes, I kinda wish that I knew my weight...BUT then I realized that I'm feeling amazing. I actually have the energy and desire to workout. If I was gaining weight, I wouldn't feel this great and my clothes would be tight. My clothes feel great! So...onward I go...on the lookout for more signs that my body is happy. Day 8! :ph34r:

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