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The hot topic of sweating...


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Hey there,

I am now on day 14 of my first ever Whole30 and am loving it! :wub:

I just wanted to ask a question... I go to the gym maybe 4-5 times a week, and also do about 3-4 hours of pole-dancing at my local dance studio, so I'm used to working up a sweat, but ever since i have started this program, it seems like any exertion now leaves my absolutely dripping wet in a way only Bikram yoga ever has before: not so much my face, but especially on my back!

Even a gentle 2 mile walk to work this morning and I was mopping up the water for a good 15 minutes after I got in.

I drink absolutely loads of water, and - not to be an oversharer :ph34r: - it isn't smelly sweat...but there just seems to be a heap more of it!

Has anyone else noticed this?

Thanks in advance!

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I notice an increase in sweat depending on several circumstances. Living in Houston, sometimes the humidity you can just walk outside and start sweating. Also, when I stay on top of my hydration I tend to sweat more.

I would consider it a good thing that it doesn't smell :)

Also, consider adding a pinch of salt to your water (you shouldn't be able to taste it though) and this can help restore some electrolytes. Mineral water is also great.

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