My Low Carb Whole30 Journey


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I've been doing a low carb version of Whole30. Prior to doing the Whole30 challenge, I eat (most of the time) a low carb, high fat diet (aka ketogenic diet).


Full details can be found at the links below on my low carb blog, but here is my summary so far and I'll update this thread with more details.



Week 1 - Low Carb Whole30

Week 2 - Low Carb Whole30


I'm on day 18 now. I'm mostly over my cravings but I won't lie - I'd really like some whole cream. I also super miss(ed) my liquid stevia. I've been getting by with coconut cream in my tea. I feel pretty energetic and I believe I've lost weight (I had to hide the scale). 


I'd say the biggest difference in Whole30 vs Low Carb Whole 30 is fruit. I snacked on some berries and ate carrots a lot (my CSA box was full of them and I can't waste food), but I think that is really the biggest difference. I also ensure there is a lot of fat in my diet - olive oil, coconut cream, lard, coconut oil, ghee. I just got tallow (the cow version of lard) and am SO excited to try it tonight (grass fed cow tallow).


Also have a bison rib eye I'm trying out tonight, so that is exciting as well. 



Hope this info is helpful to anyone taking a low carb approach! <3

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Official Note: The Whole30 is not a low carb approach. If you are doing your first Whole30, you should NOT structure your meals to make them low carb. Some people benefit from a low carb approach, but it is extremely unhealthy for some people. You do NOT need to eat low carb to lose weight. End of official note.

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