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Unsure of an Ingredient in Tea


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Hi all, I have found a fruit tea that I really like, but one of the ingredients listed is Natural Flavour. I emailed the company and this was their response:


"The ‘flavour' that is listed in many of our flavoured teas is Nature Identical flavour. These are compound made of all natural molecules, made in an artificial process.  This is not artificial flavouring and therefore does not have any numbers or codes, it is made from compounds identical to what is found in nature. So Strawberry Nature Identical flavour will be made from compounds identical to those flavour and aroma compounds found in real strawberries. We use a higher concentration of these compounds than what is found in nature to give the teas a more intense taste and to maintain seasonal consistencies among the flavours."


Would you have such a tea during the Whole 30 or not? Do you think it is compliant?

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