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A rough couple months-and it shows


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I have done really well since April last year when I started W30-stayed true to the plan for 90 days and then had the rare off meal till the holiday season. Even through the death of a family member-I was OK. Less moody, lost about 20 pounds, joint pain better. Never felt better.


Then we got our little puppy-we drove 13-15 hours one way to get her right before Christmas and it has been a rocky road since. I took a couple weeks of "maternity" leave and that was fine. I was able to keep up my meals and exercise regime. Back to work full time for over a month now and it has been awful for my "routine". Many weekends of "WTH" attitude and a free for all food thing which really alters my mood-sugar makes me uptight and moody, but I still eat it.


My anxiety level has gone up and training the puppy has not gone as well as I like. She is fabulous in every way-but a puppy with all the craziness, biting, jumping, zoomies that a puppy does.

Looks like I can get several days into the plan only to stumble back into the dark hole. Like so many other folks here......same story, different thread.


I chose this plan not as a 30 day trial but as a way of life 95+% of the time as I saw such great benefits, for me. My mood stabilized, lost weight, not hungry-what more could you ask for?

I spent last weekend in tears. I think it was the puppy being crazy but in reality, probably sugar. All weekend long, I just cried and wasn't very forgiving of puppy behavior.


So I start again this week-day 4 here and feeling better. Scale shows an almost 10 pound gain since the rollercoaster-ouch! Seems like it came on quick, and so slow to get back off. That is depressing.


The point of this thread is.........I guess nothing! Just to let people know that even folks that have been on this plan for months and months can slip back to bad habits, and it is a struggle to get back on the wagon. And that even though I love sugar and I know that I don't react well to it, that this past weekend really lead me to realize how poorly I react to it. In one sitting for a special treat, OK. But for days on a row like what just happened-it was horrible(for me).

I just hope that it doesn't take months to get the weight off again-I will be happy with a slow but sure decline on the scale but I would love to have a stable mood again for my new little baby. She deserves that.

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I was compliant most of last year, until the holidays, then I went hog wild.  I gained 8 lbs in the few weeks before the new year.  But I know from experience that isn't actually an 8 pound gain.  It is the result of the inflammation and bloating I get from eating grains and dairy.  It isn't that it comes off slowly, it's that it takes so long to start to heal the damage.  So don't be defeated by the number on the scale.  Think instead it is your body's natural warning system, trying to 'cushion' you from the negative effects of poor food choices.  It took me the whole month of January to get rid of that inflammation.  Now it's just not worth the temporary high I get from eating off-plan items.

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