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Dragons Be Gone! Sarah's W30


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Oh...where to start...This past year overall was just Rough. Ups and downs, health and other wise. Got Totally off the track I had put myself with Paleo and W30 previously.


I'll add my current stats later, I wrote them down but left them at home.


Good: have the support of 2 sisters, bro-in-law and niece that are also on this W30 adventure. Focusing on good food and sleep to start, hopefully by the halfway mark I'll have improved my time management enough to fit in more physical activity. Although slogging through the snow and slush everyday counts right?? :)


Day 1: 1-sweet potato, blueberries, homemade pork sausage and coconut milk.

            2- chili (thank you sister) with avocado. Thought I'd need a snack midday but nope.

           3- spaghetti squash, grd beef and sauce.

Prepped out nomnom paleo's roast chicken w/gravy, roasted some veggies and prepared breakfast for today.


In the bag! Went to bed a little later than wanted to, got a powerful 2nd wind. This seems to happen every time...


on to

day 2: 1-same. hoping to head off some of the carb flu/withdrawal with those magical sweet potatoes. I ate really, really poorly leading up to this.

   Prepared myself mentally for the pitfalls at work today: Chili Cookoff fundraiser....the smell of chili is in the air. There is no avoiding the smell, But I'm just going to remove myself physically and walk home for lunch. Enjoy the sunshine....get my nomnom chicken in the crockpot....eat some good beef and cabbage.







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Hi there! Off to a good start!

Have you read the meal template? Some of your meals are missing a fat source and that's really important.

For example your dinner on day 1 you could add half an avocado like you had with lunch.

I got this same advice early on.. I just thought it was ok to loosely follow the meal template but am always getting pulled up for not enough fat or not enough protein.

Keep posting and really use the forums...they have gotten me through some tough times!

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Okay...that's annoying. Typed a whole post and poof my work computer decided I was done with this window. Grr. Computer you're lucky I'm not feeling Kill All the Things :angry:


So...Thanks to SalsaEzz for the catch/support. I did have fat with lunch, just didn't list it out. The squash was cooked, practically slathered in coconut oil and I keep most of the fat from cooking the beef. And the forums were a lifesaver way back for my first round of w30, and a nice place to vent during subsequent resets.


Finished Day 2 strong with dinner at my sisters. She made deconstructed tacos. Yum. Home and in bed by 10.


Focus for the first half: good food, Sleep and time management. (which affects sleep, cooking, cleaning)

Ok, the part that Really annoys me that the computer wiped my first post. I have to type my stats Again.

Took these day 0

weight, 157lbs


Thighs: 24.25 for both

Bum: 41

Hips: 40

Belly: 37.5

Waist: 32.5

Ribs: 33

Breast: 38.75

Underarm: 37.5


Oy. Okay, moving on


Woke up today in a fairly good mood but with a bitchin headache. May have skimped on the liquids yesterday. That with withdrawal and the weather, I pretty much expected it. Good news, it started to fadeaway within the hour.


Chugged some water. And was very happy for my breakfast today, sweet potato, blueberries, sausage, and coconut milk. And black coffee.

Came prepared for a long day with crazy weather. Brought my lunch so if the weather is as bad as they say (thunderstorms following rain/freezing rain and snow) I won't have to slog home to eat.

also brought supplies just in case the headache comes back, or it just proves to be a long day: almond butter, apple and hb egg for a mini meal if needed. Earbuds and meditation playlist for an afternoon break/nap.


So bring it day 3. :lol:

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Rest of day 3: midday was a repeat lunch, squash & meat sauce with a large glass of water. That's hard for me. I'm not a huge plain ol water lover. But I need to drink more so I'll do it.


The afternoon was soooo long. I wasn't snacky or crave-y but just Bored at work. Made myself hot tea, got up and walked around, cut my apple with a butter knife (that will kill some time :rolleyes: ) and kept reminding myself I had a delicious dinner waiting for me.


Dinner was nomnom paleo's chicken and gravy over mashed cauliflower (first time making, need to practice) and bowl of salad. Between the crazy weather, long feeling day at work and the recurring headache I spent the evening doing a great impression of a bump on a log :)


Day 4 and it's Friday! Same breakfast, it's amazing but I just don't get bored with this one. It's a huge time saver because I can prep everything for the week on one day and voila breakfast is served for a Week. Planning for next week will be making a large egg/pork/veg "casserole"


Woke up in the middle of the night with a pretty bodacious headache. That's a first, going to have to keep track of that. DK what could be going on. Tried to drink some water and nearly gagged. Did a full relaxation meditation and was able to get back to sleep. No headache upon waking...weird.


Lunch: can of tuna with Melissa joulwan's (sp??) mayo, just made a fresh batch Tuesday. Filled a bunch of mini romaine leaves that were just naturally in the perfect food holding shape :) tangerine cutie to round it out.


Even though it turned out to be Ridiculously windy out sis and I met for a walk on break. Got some good resistance exercise in, sideways walking, backwards walking... :)


Not sure about my evening. Originally supposed to meet up with girlfriends after they get their nails done. But they'll have snacks & wine and I'll have tea....It's a touchy day. Not yet Kill All the things but just flustered and frazzled easily. So putting wine within arms reach...might not be the night for that.

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I hear you on the water!  I'm drinking it, but I really don't enjoy it.  I go through a lot of lemons during the week trying to make it taste like something.


And isn't that gravy great?  I really love it.  I think I might keep making it that way after this is over.

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Chose to stay in for my evening. Had leftovers, chicken n gravy et al for dinner. Just Felt lazy. I would do a few small tasks and then be ok time to sit now. Some warm tea.

Day 5. Slept amazing, and slept in :) I know we're "supposed" to eat within an hour of getting up but the thought of Any food made me feel queasy. So I've been up about 2 hours, just finished a veggie and sausage loaded omelette (didn't flip it fancy But flipped it without breaking) it tasted good, my stomach is happy, but I had to make myself take every bite. Just one of those days where I'm going to have to make myself eat. It happens. Both on and off the w30.

Enjoying the brightness outside, nt quite sunny but I'll take it. Focus today: Not being mentally lazy, accomplish my tasks (packing, moving in a month) meal plan for next week. Stay hydrated. And eat :)

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Day 8, beginning of Week 2! Overall, the eating part hasn't been too hard. Rather surprised that I haven't had an issue with saying goodbye forEvah to sodapop. Sleep has been good and improving nightly, until last night. But that was due to outside forces, my phone/docking radio were inhabited by a poltergeist I think. Oy. So today operating on about 5 hours of crappy sleep. Thank goodness for preparing ahead. Breakfast bake, loaded with protein and veggies, premade (by me ;) ) and ready to go. Popped some berries in a container to go with coconut milk already at work for fat. I CAN DO THIS!


Sunday was a mini cook-up day. filled with lots of packing of boxes. So I didn't get quite as much food prep as originally planned. Prepped some tandoori chicken, made Italian breakfast bake (fairly simple but So good: bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, zucchini, pork sausage and eggs, put 'em all together and they smell Heavenly. Cook up to a wonderful casserole bake that slices and freezes easily. Going to try to track down the website I found it on and share on recipe forum). Evening sis & bro-in-law came over for board games, snacks and Walking Dead :D pistachios, porkitos, sweet potato fries. None of us overdid it on the snack front, actually had leftovers, and bil tried a La Croix!


Yesterday is kind of a blur. Not a bad day, but one of Those days. Some "kindly soul" brought in Boxes of microwave popcorn. So the air was full of the scent of movie night. I wasn't hungry, or tempted, but smells are much harder to ignore than say a table laden with goodies. You can just avoid walking by said table. You can't stop smelling the air in your work space. <_< Reached out to sister to vent a little about that.


Then upon getting home, a little more Argh for the day: when I went home for lunch and popped a smokey roast into my slow cooker, I set it on the keep warm setting, not Low. I didn't panic, chicken thigh with salad and avocado to the rescue. But I was So looking forward to that roast, and needed a break from chicken.

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Funny, I just realized I called this Dragons Be Gone! but never discussed said dragons :) I have never really had a sugar dragon, in my previous life, before I gave them up for ethical reasons (mars tests on animals!) I Loved M&Ms, but could make a single serving bag last beyond a day easily. I could have something sweet in the house and just forget about it. My nemesis (delicious nemesis) was salty snacks. Chips, pretzels, coated nuts... salty & or crunchy things were what I craved. My first w30 helped with that, especially since I Always had chips with a sandwich...well I don't eat sandwiches anymore :)


Over the past couple of months I started growing a sugar dragon though. I would make goodies for work or a friends gathering and pretty much Always ate the leftovers. Not in one sitting :blink: but I still ate 'em.


So I've been working really hard to make sure I eat enough of everything to not need to snack. I've done pretty good so far. And on days when I know it's going to be rough at work I bring supplies (apples, nut butter, hb eggs, etc) but have only had to bust into that twice in past week. Once pre lunch because I forgot my fat that was supposed to go with my breakfast.


And it's not a dragon, but a "bad" habit, I tend to stay up later than I should and then have trouble getting up in the morning and hit snooze a lot. I've been working to be in bed by 10/10:30.

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Day 16! Not doing a whole30, going up to my bday in April which works out to a whole45 ish :)

Doing good. The food part has been much Much easier this time around. Having & utilizing a slow cooker, big help. Feeling better overall. Clothes have started to fit a little better, not great but progress is being made. After a crazy wtf day/moment last week skin is starting to clear up, sleeping much better, even without the blackout shades. Buying those after my upcoming move. Focus this week: movement. Taking the stairs at work- breaking the lazy habit if the elevator. Yoga/stretching every day.

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Sticking to it, everyday. Again, the food part has not been hard this time, because I love what I can eat and haven't missed all of the stuff I shouldn't be eating.


Even ate out on a Saturday night, bunless shroom burger (skipped the cheese) with the fixings: lettuce tomato onion, so basically a burger salad :)


and real, naked sweet potato side, those were on their gluten free menu, and we had a gf person at our table so the waitress knew we were serious :D


Granted, weight loss isn't the only reason I'm doing this, but it's a good portion of why. When I started, I knew I was seriously overweight/size for me. Nearly 160 # on my 5'2" frame. I was seriously limited on clothing that didn't fit obscenely tight. I've started to notice my clothes fitting better. But what really drove home just how outsized I had been: I have a rope bracelet that previously I wore almost daily. It's one that's one big loop that I have to just wrap around and fit over my hand. Well, before it was getting harder and harder to get on, I didn't really connect Why :rolleyes:  and so I just stopped wearing it, I was worried about it breaking. And then today, I just grabbed it and popped it on no problem. Came to a full stop in my Monday morning frenzy and realized how easily it went on, no worrying about it stretching.... I had noticed in my face and my midsection how much weight I had gained, but even my hands??? :blink:  Wow. Just had to share. And keep whole30-ing on :)

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