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12 hour days, 2 workouts -- how many meals?


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Good afternoon!


I regularly have very long days -- for example, on Tuesdays and Thursdays I leave the house at, say, 9:30 am and don't get back until 9:30pm. I am wondering how to space my meals, if I'm allowed snacks, what the difference between a pre/post WO meal and a snack is? 


A sample day looks like this: Up at 6am, Crossfit at 7am. I come home, shower, eat, etc. I then go to work around 9:30-7:00, and from there straight to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and then (finally) home around 9:00-9:30. 


My question is, if my meals are set to satiate me for every 3-4 hours, then for long days like above, then do I eat 4 meals? After my BJJ class (which is physically exhausting), am I allowed to eat a post-workout   food before bed? 


Any advice is appreciated. Thank you!

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running lawyer has a good point--you may find you do better with less exercise/more recovery--BUT, if you are determined to continue the current schedule then pre- and post-WO food is recommended. So, 


pre-WO (before crossfit, within an hour of waking), have a small portion of protein and fat. I do one hard boiled egg.

post-WO (within 30 minutes of completing crossfit) have some lean protein, and optionally, some starchy carb


These are in addition to meal #1, which you can have after getting ready at home as usual.


Do you eat dinner before BJJ typically? If that already works well for you, I would continue doing that and not worry about a pre-WO snack for that.


Add a post-WO snack (lean protein and starchy carb) when you get home in the evening.

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Can't you drop the cross fit on BJJ days? That's a bit much and could have adverse effects on your results. 



Thanks for the reply. It is a little much, and the gym is looking to change the schedule around. I don't anticipate it continuing for longer. I also take Weds as a rest day in between, which helps a lot.



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