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My First Whole30 complete - 22 pounds gone!


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What a wonderful, crazy experience.  Finished my first Whole30 and went to the doctor today to get weighted and have bloodwork done (which I'll share when the results come in.)


I lost an amazing 22 pounds!  I exercised very little, mostly walking.  I was large to start with (39yo male, 6'2" and 297 pounds on start day). Weighed in this morning on the same scale at 275 pounds.  Still a long way from my goal weight, but much closer than before I started, and now I have a clear path to success!


I introduced dairy today, in small amounts.  So far, I feel okay, but the interesting thing was that I didn't really go crazy over the cheese like I thought I would!  I mean, yes, it was tasty, but I think I would have enjoyed the meal just as much without it, so...   who knows... maybe I'll just skip it from here on out.


The wheat situation is very different, and I don't care if I have another grain of flour for the rest of my life.  Yes, I love bread and pasta, and before dabbling in paleo last year, I never thought it gave me problems.  Since starting the Whole30, I realize what wheat was doing to me...  HEARTBURN, with a capital "H"!

So, to recap:


     •  Sleep like a baby.  My Fitbit says I used to be "restless" about 22-25 times a night and "wake up" 5-6 times a night.  After Whole30, that's down to around 8-10 times a night of "restlessness" and 0-2 times "awake" at night.


     •  Lost a cool 22 pounds in weight.


     •  SEVERE, constant heartburn gone after day 3.  G.O.N.E.


     •  Gas and bloating gone.


     •  Afternoon headaches gone.


     •  Cleaner tongue and better breath upon waking (don't ask me why, but it's true!)


     •  Excessive sweating GONE.  THIS IS A BIG ONE FOR ME!  I would leave the house in the morning and have sweat rings on my shirt and be in a full-on "flopsweat" by the time I arrived at work. Meetings, restaurants, walking, sitting, standing I would ALWAYS sweat.  Had to carry around a handkerchief every day to wipe sweat with.  That is 100% GONE and I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED ABOUT THAT!!!!!!!


I am so glad to have found this program, and will definitely stick to it with minimal "cheats".  I'm excited to go to Happy Hour today and enjoy a cocktail, as I've certainly missed that camaraderie, but I know that can now only be a once-in-a-while treat and not a 3-or-4 times-a-week treat.


Thanks to Dallas and Melissa and the entire Whole9 team for an amazing experience, and also to all you forum mods and members who helped me along the way! I'll close with the post I made to my Facebook wall last night, because that sums up my feelings nicely!


You won't have to hear about this darn Whole30 for much longer, friends! Today is the last day - DAY 30! Woot!

Learned a lot, lost some weight along the way (don't know how much yet), definitely feel like a different person that can hopefully control their food cravings and understand what I can no longer eat and why. VERY proud of myself and my partner! This has been a challenge, but also a huge exercise of strength and willpower. For those that don't know, for 30 days we've had no bread, wheat or grains, no dairy, no soy, no alcohol, no packaged foods, no legumes, no peanuts and no sugar. Whole30 demands that if you "cheat" or "slip", you have to start right back on Day 1, so to say we went 30 days is no joke. Bloodwork and weigh-in tomorrow. I'll report back!

I encourage each of you to at least take a look at the Whole30 program. Nothing to buy, no pills to take, no crazy shakes or meal replacements. It's just 30 days of eating as much organic vegetables and fruits, fresh fish, and pasture-raised meat and poultry as you want. If you are overweight, in a rut with food, diabetic, suffer migraines, arthritis or IBS, I beg you to take the journey for yourself. It's hard at the beginning, but always delicious and educational, and in 30 days you'll discover what makes you feel great and what makes you feel bad, and have the knowledge and fortitude to make those decisions every day moving forward.

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That is fantastic.  I started my first Whole 30 yesterday, February 24.  I am hoping it won't be so tough for me because I have already been wheat free for about 20 months and only eat rice occasionally and no other grains.  Have had a slight headache but otherwise feel ok so far.

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