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Day 30 and still don't feel any different


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I am on day 30 and have done everything perfectly. It is surprisingly easy, just don't buy anything where you have to read a label! I also opted to have the daily support emails.

The reason I went on this plan was to get the good sleep effects and the energy. I'm sleeping badly, and energy is the same (normal, not high). I never got the hangover or wanted to kill anybody (I was never a high sugar user), but neither did I get anything remotely resembling boundless energy or tiger blood! I exercised most days (well maybe a bit light, I have a split tendon so can only do bike at the gym), and exercises. What's going on with me? I can keep going on it but wonder if there's any point.

On the plus side, I have definitely lost weight and my bowels are moving way better!!! But I want to sleep well and have more energy. Any advice welcomed. Thanks

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Most days for breakfast I have two eggs and salad of shredded kale, cabbage, spring onion, celery and parsley (I buy this in big bags). My fats would usually be avocado and homemade mayonnaise. The mayo has eggs, olive oil, white pepper and mustard powder.

Lunch and dinner would also usually be either the shredded salad, or a lettuce salad with various other salad vegetables, or cold roasted vegetable salad. Fats, apart from coconut oil or olive oil, would be avo and mayo, or often cashews if I'm sick of avo. And meat! Plain, like a beef fillet steak, or fresh salmon (never smoked as it always has sugar) or chicken etc. Often I have the same for lunch and dinner because it is yum. Sometimes I treat myself to proscuitto (no additives, just pork meat and salt.)

I have made actual recipes so I can eat the same as family sometimes - using the sites you recommend. Mostly chilli, and curries. We have a farmers market nearby where I get curry paste from, and there's nothing nasty in it. I am rigorous in my questioning.

I hardly ever have fruit because it doesn't really go with my meals, and I have not needed to snack ever between meals. I've not used coconut because I don't have a sweet tooth, just approved coconut cream for the curries.

Water - it is my preferred drink, and I have lots. How specific do you need me to be? Maybe 10 glasses a dat, and a bottle on the go when out. (I work from home). I have added in sparkling water as well, which I drink when everyone around me is drinking wine. I'm not even craving wine, and I used to drink plenty.

Exercise - maybe this is the key to my failure. I have a split tendon in my ankle and I am in a moon boot, but I still go to the gym most days. More often than not. I go on the bike and do half an hour. Definitely get up a sweat. I also spend about 40 minutes doing all sorts of strengthening exercises recommended by my physio, mostly for my ankle and back and neck. I always go in the morning, around 9am.

Sleep. Well I've always had trouble sleeping, it takes me ages, so I stay up until I'm ready to fall asleep, which can be quite late. However, for this program, one of my goals was to go to bed by 10pm every night, so I have mostly managed that. I have been able to get to sleep reasonably well, but I always wake in the night and cannot get back to sleep for ages. Like a couple of hours. (Like when you've had too much alcohol, only I have had none)

I also had on my goals list that I wouldn't go on an electronic device an hour before bed, but I haven't been very good at doing that. It's going to be my major goal for next 30 days. I also removed Candy Crush from my life for the 30 days, but I'm not getting it back, I'm cured, yay!

Quite a ramble, sorry. I'm so impressed with myself for doing the program but gutted at lack of results. Food is yum though so no hardship really.

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Well you did have positive results in the way of weight loss and improved BMs.  :)


One thing that may help with the energy is including carb-dense veggies daily.


Another thought: how's your current stress level? When you go to bed, is it with a quiet mind? How's the darkness and quiet in your bedroom?

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