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Bruce's daily log - Starting at day 2


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Brand new to this whole program, but I went ahead and started yesterday at lunch.

I travel 3-4 days a week and have kids at home so this is going to be tough.  I've read through some of the forums to get some tips, so we'll see how it goes.


I have a Whole Foods nearby when I'm on the road, so I imagine I will spend a lot of time there.  Also have a cafeteria that has a decent salad bar.   At home is going to be tough with the kids around.


Day 1 -

Lunch - Salad with olives, cucumbers, carrots, grilled chicken

Dinner - Grilled chicken breast, brocollini, watermelon


Went to sleep around 12, woke up with extreme abdominal pains around 5am.  


Day 2 - 

Breakfast - 2 hard boiled eggs, apple, watermelon from hotel buffet

Lunch - We had a working meeting with Pizza and salad, so I had the pizza place make baked veggies - olives, bell peppers, tomatoes, chicken, lettuce



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Hello Stoshiro,


You CAN do this!  Read It Starts with Food.  Understanding the science behind what goes into your mouth 

really helps.  Also, get the daily E-mails.  They help you keep your head and thoughts in line.  I've done

both the book & E-mails as well as kept a journal like they suggest.  The more you can do to keep your

mind focused on this Whole30, the better!  If you are not yet getting the E-mails, sign up!  Right after you sign up

and get that squared away, send Whole30 an E-mail to tell them your start date and they will go back and send you

the E-mails you missed.  There is a day 0 E-mail for the day before you begin that is awesome.  

Then there is one every day for the entire 30 days.  


You'll do great!   :D

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Hi there,

Also have you read the meal template?

Your meals are missing a fat source so far.. You'll need fat for energy so make sure to add that in.

Every meal should have a protein source, lots of vegetables & a healthy fat source.

Also, 2 eggs may not be enough for you. For a meal you need as many as you can hold in your hand. I'm a reasonably petite woman and I have three!

You can absolutely do it and I strongly recommend the emails and making use of this forum! Scour it for answers, call out for help when you need it.

I am on Day 11 and it has been a breeze because of all the support. This is the best bunch of people ever and they/we all want you to succeed!!

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Thanks Ninadude, I did order the book and signed up for the emails.   I started the emails late, but they were able to catch me up.


SalsaEzz - Thanks for the post.  I did read the template, but learning as I go here.  Had 3 eggs for breakfast today, I think you're right.   But I am worried about my high cholesterol.  I haven't read up on it, but I'm hoping this diet will help with that even though I'm eating a lot of eggs.


Had a grilled chicken salad at a thai restaurant today.  I asked for no dressing, but when it came out, they had put a sort of teriyaki glaze on the chicken breast.   I told them that I asked for no dressing and the lady said that wasn't dressing.  She was probably right, but I said I couldn't eat it.  She seemed very perturbed.  I don't think I've ever actually sent anything back, so that was tough.  But fortunately, I was with a co-worker that is a vegan, so he backed me up and said I was allergic to it.


Dinner I had to leave for the airport, so I had an early (4:00) dinner at Chipotle.  Had the pork salad with mild salsa and guacamole.  But I had to eat it in the car or I might have missed my plane.  I'll have to work out the timing better next time.



So far so good.  haven't really experienced any of the moodiness or energy lapses I was expecting for day 3. 

I'm at home for the weekend, so it will be interesting how I do.  I haven't really prepared anything here so am a little nervous about it.

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