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Chia Pods!


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Saw these on TV last night

Looked them up.. pleasantly surprised!!




"Chia Pods® contain one full serve of Australian Grown sun ripened Chia seeds mixed with coconut milk and real fruit. Just three ingredients and no added sugar."


What do you guys think?


I was thinking something like one a week as a treat for breakfast with eggs on the side for protein and still a serve of veggies.


Maybe this is a post whole 30 paleofied SWYPO food?




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Thanks Tom


I will get one this week to try and if it's delicious and I like it then I know I've got these up my sleeve for if I want a treat but don't want to go off plan.


I've done some searching on the forum re: chia seeds.

Essentially discouraged due to their fatty acid profile... but not banned.. 


I'm still not really sure what this means I would be doing to my body by eating them though...

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