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Ok, so I have decided I won't post here until I restart my Whole 30.

So, you will see more from me in a week or two...until then, I will keep on keepin' on...


If it helps you to make better decisions feel free to post, just don't post off plan food and be clear that you are currently not doing your Whole30. Keeping on semi track until your restart will make it easier.

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Well, I don't think it makes sense to post only parts of what I'm eating. Why post at all then if it's not the whole truth? I will just wait and maybe come back here when I restart, if I feel like I need the support. I was using this to keep a record of my experience, which I thought was the purpose of "Your Whole 30 Log" but it sounds to me like that's not really what you are looking for. I purchased the book ISWF and I will use it as my guide when I get back to being a true Whole 30. Thanks for your support this far and I will reach out if I need help later.


That is the purpose of the log, tracking your journey and getting support. The caveat to that is that you should be doing a Whole30 when posting in your whole 30 log. Lots of new people come through here and skim logs so we try to keep these sections true to the program. Does that make sense? Not trying to push you away or anything like that for realz!

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