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New Wheat Reaction? Sinus Problems.


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I've been off roading for awhile since my last W30 in October. I've been doing well for the most part (after completely going off the rails during the holidays) but I think I blew it last night.


I was wheat/grain free even before finding W30. I found eliminating it solved a lot of my digestive problems. But last night we had pasta. Hubby was craving it and I thought, how bad could it be? Bad rationalization. Anyway, we got this very good pasta from Whole Foods that we used to have all the time. And the Mario Batallia sauce that has no sugar in it and is delicious. The pasta was great and yes, I ate way too much.


I woke up this morning with the WORST sinus/post nasal drip/coughing. I've remained dairy free, so it wasn't that. Coincidentally I was on Chris Kresser's site and he had an article about treatment for sinus problems (more on that later) and he mentioned that in addition to dairy, wheat can also cause a sinus reaction. So another reason to avoid the wheat beast.


Now, as far as sinus problems go, has anyone tried Xlear? The Chris Kresser article was about biofilm and it's role in sinus problems and recommended Xlear. It has xylitol in it which apparently can break up the biofilm that is thought to protect the bacteria that can cause chronic sinusitis and post nasal drip (which I have chronically even avoiding wheat/dairy). It comes in a wash and a spray. I ordered both on Amazon. They also have a electronic sinus cleaner (similar to a water pic, I assume) which I didn't get, but I might. I know xylitol is a sugar alcohol, but I'm not actually ingesting it, so I think it's ok.


Here is the article:



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