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Severe constipation.. Help!


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I've searched the forums and armed myself with knowledge

1) picking up some magnesium this morning

2) ordered some digestive enzymes yesterday online

3) can't get sauerkraut that is whole30 compliant at my grocer, making some on the weekend

My question is this.. How severe does it need to be before I seek medical help?

I went Monday, today is Friday, I don't even feel the urge to go.

I am incredibly bloated but not in heaps of pain.

I'm at work today, then salsa training tonight.. So I don't want to take the magnesium today I will take it before bed. Is this too late?

I worry that it's been five days


Update: you don't seem to be able to get a magnesium citrate powder in Australian pharmacies... They only had a cramp powder that had all sorts of nasties in it...

I'm starting to freak out...!! Panic!!

I bought magnesium in pill form but it's a combination of magnesium oxide & magnesium phosphate.. Will these even work??

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I'm not a medical professional, but I have some experience with GI issues as I have Crohn's Disease.


It's a good idea to contact your medical professional (hopefully you have a primary care doctor) whenever you have a big change in your bowel habits that last more than just a few days. So at 5 days, you've hit the point when you should probably check it out with your doctor.


It's less about what's "normal" and more about what's "normal for you"


That said, if you start vomiting or having nausea or severe pain, then it's a good idea to head to the emergency room.


Hope you feel better soon.

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Make sure to have plenty of water, it will help flush out your system. I would also try and get a natural tea with fennel in it and drink it before bed (obviously no sugar added to it). Digestive enzymes will help, but they are not a form of laxative they tend to help people that have indigestion (and IBS problems), which could be two spectrums ----you get constipated, or you constantly go! Maybe have some dates (you can get them at most grocery stores)!!! Hope that helps---keep moving, and hydrated! Drink some teas, and I hope the bloating goes away! xo

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Firstly can you give us an idea on what you have been eating?  If you are able to post a couple days meals that would be best.


Second question - are you eating a lot of nuts to get you through the day?  Nuts will bloat and constipate many (i am one of them)  For example if I consume a large quantity of nuts - I can count on not going for at least 2 days maybe 3.  Dates will do it to me too but not as bad.  I never feel *really* uncomfortable during this time - I just don't go.


Whatever you do don't do all of the above - probiotics, digestive enzymes and Natural Calm - all at once.  You may give yourself more issues.  So pick one that you would to try and try it for a few days.  I found the Digestive Enzymes helped the most in the begining.


In a pinch you could use apple cider vinegar (a cloudy one - Bragg's is good) with some hot water and use that as a probiotic.


Also stay properly hydrated.  You want to consume half your body weight in ounces a day.

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I second seeing a doctor. But whenever they say grains for fiber, just insert "fibrous veggies" into your head. You're looking for things like starchy veggies - sweet potatoes, pumpkin, greens, broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprouts, peppers, carrots, eggplant, mushrooms, avocado, or carrots (all copied from a list of highest fiber veggies). Compliant dried fruits can help, but only if your sugar dragon isn't a problem for you (as they are sweet) - unsweetened raisins, prunes, figs, dates, etc.


Upping your fat intake can grease the system, so to speak, causing it to come out more easily, and lowering your protein to the lowest level on the template might help too. Drink lots of water.

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are you a coffee drinker?  Have you tried bullet proof coffee?  I've found the combination of ghee and coconut oil in mine to really, how shall I say this, grease the wheels when nothing else seems to work.  If you don't have ghee you could give just coconut oil a whirl in it too.  

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Hi Carla,


Sweet potato is being delivered tomorrow! I will add it every day.


Carrots are quite carb dense and I'm eating them twice a day as well.


I'm trying to avoid coffee.. just because I know my stress/cortisol levels need some work and coffee isn't the best. However now that I'm sleeping like a baby and diet is under control I thought about it.


Yesterday I had a coffee hoping that might move things along.. no luck.


I'm going to have another one soon with some coconut milk but no oil here at work. I've got coconut oil at home so I can try that tomorrow morning.


Sipping on Fennel tea right now!


I'm not in a lot of pain or discomfort... but feeling heavy/bloated.. and no urge.


I will add in the coffee, daily fennel tea.. have the magnesium.. also the carb dense veggies that I have been resisting.. and hopefully that will help ongoing.


I'm more worried about my immediate situation!


I have some senna laxatives at home from a previous issue.. if I haven't gone by bed time tonight I'm going to take them as a once off then make those changes like we've talked about.

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Sometimes, a hot beverage followed by a very cold beverage can do the trick.  Not sure why, but it does and it doesn't involve much other than hydration.  Cold, then hot is just as good.


For maintenance, I had had much better luck with a chelated magnesium than straight mag citrate.

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I also have Chron's and once I eliminated all the foods that triggered my diarrhea, I had awful constipation. I was almost happy about it, LOL. If you don't feel sick, beyond being bloated, I'd wait it out. I use Magnesium Glycinate and also prebiotics. I can't tolerate fermented foods, so I had to get some good bugs in there somehow. Constipation is usually a sign that you don't have a lot of good bacteria in the colon to help with moving things along.


All the other advice, drink water, eat fibrous veggies, good fats are good. Also if you are not already, try some exercise, that usually helps me. Also, once you get going, don't stop the Magnesium or other stuff. At least not for awhile. You are also right to avoid fiber. It just adds bulk.

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