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Late Period AND on the pill?


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I've read through as many threads as I can about changes in cycles, but no one seems to mention whether or not they are on the pill. I am on the pill (to regulate my period; I am not sexually active so I know I can't be pregnant), and I should've started my period on Tuesday (every once in a while it'll start early Wednesday). Last week I had a little break through bleeding for about 3 days (which hasn't happened since 2 years ago right when I went on the pill), but no actual period. Has this happened to other people? I know lots of people have experienced changes in their cycle, but I am particularly concerned because I am on the pill.

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Sorry you've had to go so long without a reply.  I'm on the pill and I've had really irregular periods since starting eating Paleo.  I starting eating Paleo-ish on Jan 1st.  I could tell it was a big change for my body b/c I had a constant, low level headache for a week and a half-- thinking this was sugar withdrawal.  I had a strong period around Jan 10th--a full two weeks before I was supposed to!  I think eating so differently really stressed my body out initially.  Since then, though, I've had little to no period.   I started my Whole 30 on Feb 17th.  I know I'm not pregnant b/c I've done a test recently.  I'm thinking it will regulate in a month or two.

Hang in there--you're not alone.  

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I am on the pill. I started spotting mid cycle and that turned into a full period. I just chucked the rest of the pill pack since I ended up having a full period anyways. This has never happened before (and i have been on the pill for a long time) so I know it is because of the diet change. The whole reason I started the whole30 is because my periods are debilitating and I no longer want to be on birth control. I am already seeing some significant hormonal changes and am only on day 15. I'm thrilled!

Best of luck to you!

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Same thing happened to me during my first Whole 30 in January 2013! I had never ever bled through during 5 years on BC and was shocked to see it 2-3 days before normal (and a day before removing my nuvaring!) Subsequent cycles on BC have been normal, except right after my grandfather died. No period that month for me -- too much stress. I'm going off BC this next month and am excited/nervous for real cycles. I'm timing it just after a Whole 30 in the hopes it will be easier for my body.

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