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Begining Whole30 and Night Shift at the same time

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Hello all!


I am about to begin my second Whole 30. I am also begining my first job as a Registered Nurse! Woohoo I passed boards last week!! The only down side is I will be working night shift which my body is NOT use to.


I was wondering if anyone else works night shift, or has worked night shift previously, that can shed some light on the changes in , sleep patterns, eating habbits, and how it impacts their overall health and wellbeing


Thanks :)

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Dont fall prey to the bad habits of night shift! I have been on night shft for the past 4 years. Finally back on day shift starting a month ago. In that 4 years time I have gained about 15 lbs and some health issues along the way. " Dont drink the water " IE dont eat the food your coworkers bring in it will be a detriment to your health in the long run. Try to plan ahead and keep snacking to a minimum or with healthy snacks like carrots. (I was a candy bar/ kitkat snacker. In my 1st month, I ate more kitkats to stay awake than I had eaten in the previous year) 

I was one of those people who work from 1900-0700 was in bed asleep by 730 and up again by 330. Spent the afternoon with my husband running errands and cooking dinner. I also flipped back to day shift hours every day off. This isnt what most people suggest. Keeping a consistent schedule for your body may work best for you and is what is recommended. I just felt so alienated from the world that when I had the opportunity to be awake during the day time I took it. Get blackout curtains or an eyemask.


I do think doing the Whole30 will help you create some good habits moving forward in your night shift career.



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