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Hello everyone,


I am on Day 5 and am loving this new adventure so far! I found this resturant online and want to give it a try. I have to of course modify the butter with ghee or I may go with olive or coconut oil actually. However I was wondering about the pomegranate glaze. I know we can cook with juice but this is supposed to turn into a syrup so I am not sure. I was thinking of reducing the amount of liquids and thinning it with water if I can't do the glaze. Alternatively I was going to again do half juice, half water and put all the ingredients in a tangine and cook it that way. Would that be compliant or is it too much juice? I don't have any broth so I can't use that, but if this is completely non-compliant, any ideas on what I can do instead?




Thanks for all your help and support as we begin this journey!

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