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Should I still start my Whole30 if travelling?

Wynne Jones

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I am psyched to start my Whole30 on Wednesday, Aug. 1! I've read ISWF, signed up for the daily email, and got myself a buddy. Here's my dilemma - I am travelling this weekend (Aug. 3, 4, 5) and will not be cooking my own meals. We're staying at a fly-fishing camp where they serve 3 meals a day and have a very limited selection of food - you generally choose between 2 entrees, and then they will have a veg and a starch. I have no doubt that I can eat paleo-ish, but without cooking it myself I'll have no idea if I'm being truly compliant.

So...should I hold off and start my Whole30 on Aug. 6, or should I just cross my fingers and hope for the best? Or, should I go ahead and start, but just do a Whole 36?

Also, any suggestions for non-perishable foods I can bring along in case my meals aren't enough?



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I would play it by ear. If the food is a long way off from Whole30, you might want to wait until you are back before starting your Whole30. If you can eat good, I'd go for it. I carry macadamia nuts when I travel and sometimes sardines. Both are good at filling me up when I can't get to on-site food.

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Portable paleo foods I like to bring when traveling --

  • celery and almond butter
  • boiled eggs with salt + pepper
  • dried apples, raisins and cashews mixed
  • seeds and macadamia nuts as Tom mentioned above
  • cooked sweet potatoes + herbs in tin foil pouches

With most of that and the veg + fish or other meat entree offers, I do fairly well at Paleo on the road, at camp, or in airports.

You just have to keep tossing aside/out the bread, chips, and other packaged foods they'll offer.

Can you try that this weekend?

Good luck and catch big FISH! :-)


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