Partial progress...but now regressing?


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Hello all,


I'm finishing Day 25 of my first whole30. Actually I have gradually been eliminating foods since January, so it's been 48 days without gluten grains+corn+processed foods+alcohol+refined sugar+nightshades, 45 without grains+dairy, 31 days without legumes, and now 25 without any sugar, coffee, paleoified desserts. I've also gone without eggs for the last 10 days.


I had one reason for trying this whole food adventure: since Christmas time I've had mysterious swelling and pain in both my hands, mostly at the base of the thumb. I also have inflammation in both my feet (though that has been for at least a year). I am 32. Normally very active runner and climber, but since 3 months almost nothing, though I have been going for walks lately to try to get some exercise. Doctors have attributed it to an overuse injury (I use my hands a lot at work and there was nothing in the bloodwork to suggest anything systemic).


I have noticed wonderful gains since starting the whole30: I'm slimmer (I haven't weighed myself, but I notice it). That wasn't a goal at all, but it's nice. At least in the first 2 weeks, I noticed amazing gains in energy and appetite control. Again, not a goal and I didn't even think about trying to improve that, but it's nice. I came home from work hungry but not exhausted like I used to. I've never had digestion issues, but at the start, there was some discomfort. Now, no GI issues, and I'm generally more regular than ever.


But the pain in my hands is still there. Definitely better, as the swelling has subsided, but pain is still there. I've been resting them, but it's pretty difficult given my job and the amount of cooking on the Whole30! (Yay for supporting boyfriend willing to chop things!)


Also, aside from the hand/feet problems, I'm generally feeling worse: I'm starting to have serious headaches this week. I have a history of migraines. I get them about 6-10 times a year, usually around my time of month. I think they're mainly hormone-triggered. This week, just as I thought I was getting a hang of this whole30 thing, I had a migraine that lasted all day and part of the next. Not during my normal hormone cycle. Today it was better in the morning, but a mild headache came in the afternoon and is still lurking.


I've been trying to stick to 3 meals a day, which was OK at the beginning, but now it's tough. I eat until I'm very full at each meal, but still I get VERY hungry 3-4hrs after each meal. I've also been super tired this week, whereas earlier in the whole30 I was much more energetic. So, I've been adding a snack for the last few days. I've stuck to the other rules like my life depended on it, including the recommendations for protein/fruit/fat. Drinking tons of water and herbal tea.


So here's what I'm thinking: either I'm still eating something offensive to my body (i.e, nuts--I've eaten a lot of those recently, especially since eliminating eggs 10 days ago)? OR I'm just not eating enough, so the headaches and residual pain is from the stress of not getting enough energy?


Thoughts are appreciated. Sorry for the super long post.



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