Twenty Day Miracle


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I started the Whole 30 because of a leg injury that, despite rest, frequent visits to the Chiropractor and rehab exercises, would just not heal. Twenty days in has done what nothing else has been able to do, it has my leg feeling like it did BEFORE I WAS INJURED!!!

This morning was the first time I was able to walk my pit-girl Tally since early April. We walked 40 minutes and I'll keep adding segments until we're back up to over an hour like we used to do every day. I'm so very happy and Tally is, too.

Thank you Whole 30, you have given me my mobility back.

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Whole 30 completed! Lost 6 pounds, the chiropractor resolved my leg injury and I broke free from the stranglehold sugar and grains had on me. I'm going to carry on with modified whole 30 way of eating, I see no reason to go back, I still have more healing and feeling great to do.

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