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Starting this on 2/23/14


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Hey there!


One of my work associates told me about this on Friday and I was intrigued, so I've gathered up a few willing partners (looks like 3 of my kids and one's wife will take part in this) and ready to get started. I've spent the weekend getting all my ducks in a row so that I can launch my own journey on the 23rd. 


My reason for doing this is my skin. Fundamentally, I'm a healthy, strong woman. I've had 5 children come through my little body who have grown up and are now having kids of their own. My commitment to organic food has been passionate since 1979, so I was into good food and the attendant health that kind of lifestyle provided to me.


Regardless of my diet and healthy lifestyle, about 8 years ago I started having issues with the palm of my right hand; itchy, blistering skin that nothing - even drugs - seemed to effect. I've learned how to manage it, but I'd like that to be a thing of the past entirely. The only thing left is the inflammation part. So... here I go. 


My intent is to use this forum to manage myself, develop community with others and I will also post my efforts with my strength conditioning program. My husband was one of the initial athletes for Crossfit but left that scene (he felt it was a damaging program and struggled with the ethics not found at the top of that organization) and started training others with merely a barbell and progressive weight increases. Love that he's my backup man and helps me stay that course. I will post about that part of my life, as well. 


OK... here we go!!!



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