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Disappointed but Plowing Forward


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I went out to brunch with a group of girlfriends today.  It was an all you can eat all you can drink deal, but I of course ordered a la carte.  I told the server and the manager all of my restrictions before hand and the manager was super helpful about what I could and couldn't have.  But then they brought out the Brussels sprouts deep fried in a soy/canola oil blend.  It took me a few bites and the discovery of a potato to realize the mistake and the manager apologized profusely and brought me the correct brussels sprouts.  


Am I disappointed?  Very.  But it was out of my control.  I did my due diligence and then some, and they messed up.  So far, no bad reactions, and I'm not going to start over after 21 days for three brussels sprouts fried in soy.  But it certainly is frustrating, and certainly highlights the danger for people with true food allergies!

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