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First Whole30, March 3 start


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Starting on my birthday... how's that for adding to the challenge? ;-) Planning my celebration the night before, so expect a few glasses of wine and perhaps some ice cream before starting my Whole30. I've been struggling with mid-life facial skin issues, and hope to identify a dietary culprit. Also struggling lately with stress eating (starting a new business), and want to put a halt on that! I generally have a good, whole-foods diet, basically paleo with some red wine, full-fat dairy and occasional sweets (if not dark chocolate, usually it's homemade with paleo-approved ingredients). I expect what I'll miss the most is a creamy coffee in the morning, but I'll get over it (and coffee with butter and coconut oil ain't a bad substitute!). I'm fit and well within healthy weight for my height, but wouldn't mind getting a little leaner to see more definition of the muscles I've developed doing Crossfit for the last 10 months!

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