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I just completed my first whole30 round on 2/13 and had a 10.5# and 10 inch loss and am overall happy with my results.  So happy that I decided to continue on this journey after a 4 day hiatus, but limited my non-compliant foods during the 4 days. I opted to slurpe on tortilla chips, burger and fries but not all on the same day.


I restarted another 30 days on 2/17, so today is Day 8, I honestly feel so much better eating clean as all my ailments have subsided. So my question is, will my body 'think' that I am restarting this process over and fall into the timeline symptoms again?


Thanks for any input.  : :)



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I'm doing the same thing as you.... I took a week off after my first whole 30 and then started again this past saturday.  I don't think we are going to see the same symptoms we did the first time around.  Or if we do, they will be much milder.  My sugar addiction was pretty big and it was a big adjustment the first time around.  During my week off, I did eat some icecream, a waffle and drink some beers.  But I don't think it was consistent enough and long enough to get back to my pre whole 30 days.


We'll see though!  Keep us posted.  Hopefully it won't be as bad!!  :)

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