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Kristen's Whole 30 Log


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Day 21...Whole30 fail. I was making coconut macaroons today for work, a Paleo recipe, but cookies nonetheless and I'm sure there was soy in one ingredient too. Without thinking, I shoved one in my mouth! It was like a weird out-of-body experience. As it was happening my brain said noooooo...but my hand kept moving and my mouth kept chewing. Like a total habit-related switch clicked, and I was just acting without thinking. And, guess, what, I felt like crap physically about an hour later. Hyper, agitated, tired, cranky, and upset stomach all at once. I still worked out, but was not at my best. The crappy feelings passed, but I've been really beating myself up about it for a couple of hours because I can't believe how easily I just acted without thinking!

I don't have time to restart my Whole 30 before my trip in April, and I don't want to just quit because I don't plan on quitting this way of eating even once the 30 days is up. So I'll just keep tracking and writing; I've discovered other ingredients after the fact already, so it's not a clean Whole 30 anyway. I will do another one after my trip, knowing more, being more aware because of what I've learned this time around. Sigh. At least I feel better about the whole incident if I can at least learn a lesson from it.

Breakfast: Brain special; avocado; pear; hazelnuts and raisins

Lunch: venison chili over sweet potato: handful of almonds

Afternoon: the cookie incident...

Dinner: venison chops; summer squash; carrots; kale all cooked in olive oil and coconut oil

And now I want an after-dinner snacks (I never have them anymore), damn sugar dragon you trapped me!

Edited to add: wow, I just looked in the mirror and my skin is a mess! I skipped my Zyrtec for a couple of days to see if I could do without it (answer was no, at least not yet). So it could be that and/or the sugar issue from "the cookie", but my face has tons of red spots all over it. Almost like hives but not raised and itchy. It is so unhappy, which means something inside is unhappy too. Looked great a couple of days ago so I Know the Whole 30 eating works for me! I'll chalk it up to flared up allergies, but it was shocking to see my skin look so bad.

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