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Just starting my log at day 15


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So here I am at day 15, I've been so busy,and the kids have had the computer, that I haven't had time to even get on the forums, but I finally made it!!


I have felt amazing over the last week and a half. I've felt great eating so differently from my family. No one else chose to embark on this journey with me. Over the past two weeks,I have baked cinnamon rolls for my kids, bought them Valentines candy, and even cup cakes for my oldest and my husband. I woke up yesterday to a pan of brownies the kids had baked after I went to be. The amazing thing about my choice is that I haven't wanted any of it!!! The tamales I bought from a student have been tough to pass on, but I have some stashed in the freezer for next month! tonight was tough, Paige wanted chicken noodle soup. No problem, except, I had to make the egg noodles. Now I love egg noodles, homemade, yummy goodness. Usually when I make them, I nosh on them before they even hit the pot. Who knew that eggs, flour, water,and salt could taste so good raw!! I did it!! I didn't eat any of them!! I pulled my soup out of the pot before adding the noodles.


Breakfast is usually a 2-3 egg omelette with greens of some sort, onions, and bell peppers. Every once in a while I will bake up some bacon and eat it too. I often add a banana and a tablespoon or so of almond butter. I've tried avacado, but it made me sick, so those are a no go with my meal.


I've struggled with my breakfast because I run an hour or so after I eat and then head to work. I'm not sure if I should be eating so much pre-run, but if I don't, then I don't get my breakfast. I've been tinkering with my post-workout snack. A hard boiled egg with chili powder sometimes, or that with some sweet potato. It's hard because i am usually eating my snack as I drive to work from the gym. if I don't pack something, I will grab some of the almonds in my desk before I head out to meet with students.


I love lunch and dinner!! Lunch is leftovers, tuna stuffed peppers, and maybe some fruit. Dinnertime is interesting. figureing out what to fix for 5 while accommodating my needs can be difficult. I do have a picky eater in the house. fortunately, my sweet husband will eat anything i fix. coming up with the ideas is the biggest problem.


Today, breakfast was a 2 egg omelette, peppers, and power greens, a banana and almond butter. No run, early day at work.


lunch, steamed cabbage with onions, curry powder, and chicken apple sausage. yummo!!!


dinner chicken soup with a side salad--spring greens, balsamic vinegar, kalamata olives, tomatoes, and sliced almonds.


snack between lunch and dinner handful of almonds.


tomorrow I run. I hope this cold will stop kicking my butt and that my energy will return. Last week was torture out on the trail. Wednesday was awesome, running in the storm, but Thursday-Saturday's runs were so hard. I had no energy, my muscles hurt,and my arms and legs felt like lead. 


i had a couple of days where I honestly felt like killing everything and everyone. I was also so tired that I was in bed by 9:30 most evenings, even on the weekend. Just exhausted. I hope tomorrow will be better.


I need to go grocery shopping, not sure when to fit it in my schedule. I did pick up sweet potatoes today. Gotta cook some up in the morning for my post-workout.I'm hoping the trail will be clear tomorrow, it's been snowing all day and is finally sticking. Might have to pull out an old pair of shoes that aren't minimalist and hit the trail anyway. I can always run on the grass.

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Omelette, banana, almond butter for breakfast

Hard boiled egg and sweet potato post run

Bell pepper stuffed with chicken salad for lunch

Dinner? No clue!! Ended up eating pork roast with salad and sweet potato

My tummy is gurgle-ie tonight.

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Thanks Chris! I'll head on over there.

Day 19ish....I hate keeping count of the days. So on Tuesday, I mentioned that my tummy was gurgle-ie feeling, well, yep, I'm still feeling it and all I really want to eat tonight is a bottle of ginger ale and some saltine crackers. My body is fighting back. The cha-cha-cha's are not fun. I'm exhausted, I feel like I'm back at week one. My runs are tough, no tiger blood here.

I think I'm eating too many bananas! really ripe ones are a migraine trigger for me! and I'm only eating yellow bananas, once they stArt turning brown, I avoid them, but I'm thinking I just need to cut them out completely. I figured I'd be migraine free since I'm eating very clean.

On the bright side, I bought new running shoes today. Even feeling crappy, I can't wait to run tomorrow morning.

Even though I feel like death warmed over, well not entirely, but almost, I have eaten great food today.

2 egg omelette with julienned greens (kale, mizuno, spinach, and something else) and bell peppers. Red salsa on top too yummy!!!

Post run the whites of a hard boiled egg and half a small sweet potatoe with cinnamon

Lunch was leftover chicken stir fry and shrimp (there wasn't a lot of chicken left in the stir fry)

And that leaves dinner....I don't know what to eat tonight. I feel icky and just want comfort food, but it's got to be a whole30 version, because I'm gonna stick with it.

I woke up the other day and the kids had made brownies after I went to bed. I moved them aside and cooked my breakfast. I can do this....just need to figure out dinner, nothing on the menu looks or even sounds good.

I'll quit whining....go fix dinner and I'll let y'all know what I ended up cooking tomorrow.

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Day 34!!! I'm still loving my whole30 life. About day 29&30, I was ready to throw in the towel. But, missing out on cake and all the chocolate floating around the office really hasn't been a big deal. I was surprised that even after a month, I still had minor craving with my cycle. Not enough to give in, but the brownies the kids made tonight sure smelled amazing. Yep, SWYPO!! Oh well. Didn't give in and don't plan too.

The toughest part of this week, migraines. Back with a vengeance. All of the possible food triggers have been cut out of my diet, so either my hormone levels are just really high this month and the caffeine from the iced green tea I had the other day was enough to push me over the threshold, OR, I'm stuck with them until I hit menopause.

I did get on the scales this week, I just had to know how much I had lost...ok, not just the scales, but the Tanita at the gym. 4+% body fat and 13 pounds (it's probably more considering where I am in my cycle). I can wear my favorite slacks and I'm back into one of my favorite skirts. I haven't worn that skirt in probably 18 months. I feel fabulous. To be honest, I'm kind of scared to add any of the old foods back into my diet, though I do occasionally miss my oatmeal.

My runs are getting longer and faster. This morning I ran a 5K with just over a mile at race tempo. It was easy. My legs felt tired at first, but as the run progressed, I felt stronger and keeping an 11 minute mile was easy. I am having a hard time sleeping tonight, so my long run tomorrow will be interesting. I'm thinking 5.75-6 miles tomorrow. In two weeks, I have a 10K race and another 2 weeks later. My first half of the year is on May 10.

Post work out meals have settled into a mix of roasted leftover sweet potatoes, roasted carrots, and roasted beets with some chicken. It's not too bad and it's easy to nosh on while I drive to work.

Anyway, here's to a great Pi day, day 34 headed towards day 45!!!!!!

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Finished 43 days last week. Been eating off plan, but am going back because my runs are better when I eat whole30. I ran 63.3 miles this month. In February, I ran 35.1 miles, and in January I ran 25.4 miles. I am thrilled that I have been strong enough to run so many more miles. My goal is a 100 mile month in June and July. To do this, I have to eat Whole30.

I have discovered that as my mileage increases, I need to increase the amount of protein I'm eating. I'm also working to tweak my post run meal. My next big hurdle is fueling midrun. I also need to do a better job planning meals.

I've added in some foods, but am going to take them back out. Gluten (bread) bloats my tummy and of I eat it or oatmeal, I don't get the veggies and protein I need to continue distance running.

This week is going to be hard to eat right because we will be out of town. I'll do my best and get back on track Next Monday.

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