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Newbie started today!


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Hi there!


I'm really excited, slightly overwhelmed, and really hopeful that the Whole30 can help me get my health on track.  :)


I'm 32 years old, the mom of five kiddos, and after reading part of "It Starts With Food" I decided to jump in with both feet.  I've been struggling with weight AND with severe allergies/asthma/respiratory issues since my fourth child was born.  I used to be thin, strong and fit, but I never was truly "healthy."  Since my fourth baby was born, I have tried every single diet under the sun and only got fatter on a yo-yo ride.  My body is so confused now and I am sicker than ever!  


I realized I have no idea what to eat anymore!  My body doesn't even know when it is hungry or full or just thirsty.  I've made a mess of myself in the last 5 years, and am so hopeful that the Whole30 can help me heal from the inside out.  :)


This morning, I had some eggs with onions & bell peppers in olive oil.  It was really tasty!


I will be doing a daily update on my family blog: http://www.adamandlerin.com


I welcome any advice... but especially, how to get my picky kids on board.  I want to set them up for lifetime of health & fitness! 

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