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The Sipples Whole30 trek!

Lori Rowley-Sipple

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3 days to go until we start! 


My hubby and I have been on the "Eating right for your Blood type" diet and he lost 18 pounds, I dropped 7. We are both over weight, and he is on several medications for high blood pressure, high blood sugar and sleep aids. As much as I didn't mind the Blood type diet, I am not seeing results in my energy or weight loss that I want. And I have been on every diet known to man, and I know myself pretty well...if I don't do something radical I will quit entirely! 


A great friend of mine has done the Whole 30 several times and recommended it when we set out to do the Blood type thing...I resisted. I should of just jumped on that band wagon! I talked to her several weeks ago and said...I am ready.


One of my biggest stumbling blocks with any life style change is getting a plan ready. So we choose March 1st several weeks ago so I could get my head around everything. I then enlisted several others to join in on the fun! My sister, and 4 other friends are joining us! 


I went google crazy and have read everything I could find on Whole30 ...I have created 4 meal plans, that now I need to adapt due to my lack of info. But at least I have a template and a starting point. The meals can all be modified to fit the Whole30. 


I am stoked. Super excited to see what happens. I am also not ignorant to the detox that is about to occur. One bonus from the Blood type diet is I have been gluten free for 7 weeks...now to take the last step and cut the oats and rice we've been eating.


Any tips from those who have gone before us would be great!

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