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Cass' Whole30 Challenge


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Today begins the first day of my Whole30 Challenge that will officially end on August 28, 2012.

For the next thirty days I will be eating meat, seafood, vegetables, fruits, and nuts in order to restore my metabolism to the way it was intended to work. All foods I consume must meet ALL four criteria in not negatively affecting my:

1. Psychological state (i.e. alcohol),

2. Hormones (i.e. insulin spikes caused by sugar consumption),

3. Gut (i.e. beans and dairy causing micro tears to my intestinal lining), and

4. My immune system (i.e. grains sparking an allergic reaction to gluten).

I hope to gain the following things by adhering to the Whole30 for the next thirty days in their entirety with NO slip ups!

  • Feel better (more energy, better work out sessions, etc.)
  • Lose these last seven pounds
  • Eliminate my food addictions to wheat thins, cheese, and wine
  • Kick ass at the Aug 11 Bring The Heat Cross Fit Competition in Katy!

Since I have been doing a fairly clean Primal diet (Paleo + dairy and alcohol, basically), I don't expect these first few days to be as tough as they were the first time I did a similar Paleo challenge back in January when I was transitioning form a vegetarian diet. The last time I did this challenge, I had MANY slip ups and made all sorts of excuses about what was and wasn't allowed---not this time. I'm following the Whole30 plan as described in It Starts With Food book. This book is amazing, I highly recommend it to anyone, even those who do not follow the Paleo diet; it is the #1 bestselling Health book on Amazon for a reason!

Some tough-love for myself: cheese, wheat thins, protein powder, and wine are NOT permitted. Slipping even once is NOT permitted! I will give 100% to this thirty day challenge because it is only thirty days and it is to improve my health. Each day I will document what I consume on this post as well as how I feel. When applicable, I will also post links to the better recipes that I try.

I also blog at myfitnesspal.com

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