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Bridge's Whole30 log. Starting form day -2


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So, I don't officially start till Wed., but I did a weekly cookup yesterday to get started and will be sort of mostly whole30 until then (I will be finishing the beer in my fridge and maybe having one last pastry).

Today, for breakfast: fritatta with kale chard and mushrooms. my portion contained 1.5 eggs. I didn't finish it, but I didn't get hungry again until 12:20.

12:30 ate one sausage, roasted veggies, half my small sweet potato with ghee. Having a hard time being able to tell whether I'm full or not. Feel compelled to overeat in order to ensure I don't need to snack (no jerky in sight), glad I'm sorting this out now.

one cup of Dandy Blend. that will have to go come whole 30 time.

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So yesterday, although not an "official" day, I had a complete whole30 day. I was really surprised by my ability to go without snacks. I thought I'd be hungry. It all worked out great. Thanks for the tip adagio, I am using the weekly cookup from Well Fed. Last night I used much of the grilled chicken from the week with some of my pre-steam sauteed veggies, and poured over some sunshine sauce. YUM!

Because I am not a huge egg fan, I had that again for breakfast this morning. Lunch was zucchini hummus with celery and jicama, a little more of the sunshine sauce chicken, and few bites of chocolate chili. I wasn't terribly fond of the chili. I couldn't eat very much of it. I am used to eating only until I ma not hungry anymore and then always having snacks on hand in case I get hungry again, it is definitely a shift to learn to listen to new hunger and fullness signals, and trust that it will last.

In the tradition of my last day pre-whole30, I plan to stop for a french pastry on my way home and then drink the last GF beer in the fridge. Tomorrow morning all bets are off!

Now, I am going to the other side of town in search of some coconut aminos!

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Official day 1!

I decided this morning after reading the day one email to also keep eggs out of my whole 30, given that I have a slight sensitivity. Breakfast was leftover sausage and kale. This held me until a lunch of chicken salad with veggies and a side of kale salad at noon. That served me well until a dinner of a hot plate with best ever stir fry sauce from Well Fed.

I'm really surprised by how well I adjusted to the three meal system. I have been operating on a solid framework of eating every 2-3 hours to stabilize blood sugar and regulate hormones and cortisol, but honestly, it hasn't been helping. And there's nothing more likely to sabotage my weight loss efforts than telling me I have to constantly carry food and that its going to mess me up if I let myself get hungry. It's been a relief to accept that I should try to make it several hours, and to learn that I can, just fine! I did order a bunch of jerky for snacks, but based on today (and I've been experimenting prior) the last few days, I'm not sure they'll be necessary.

I thought I record some things that I think might be impacted by this process, so I don't forget:


Constant post-nasal drip


Itchy, stuffed ears

Stubborn weight, despite drastic improvements to eating and exercise


Cracked, dry heels

Unquenchable thirst

Sugar cravings

Obsessively thinking about food

Alcohol cravings

lack of motivation for exercise

Il be curious t see how these items shift as time goes on!

Very excited about this!

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So, it's day 24 and I am going strong. I am still working out the constipation situation, and was hoping my chronic post-nasal drip would clear up, but I am not too worried about either. The most exciting thing is that I an confident that my very long standing blood sugar regulation problems are resolved. I sometimes don't notice that it's lunch time, for example. pre whole30 I brought a mid-morning snack and watched the clock, trying to hold off till noon for my lunch. I am consistently eating just the three meals per day and not even carrying snacks these days. When I do get hungry it's NBD. Just hungry, not cranky, not lightheaded, just an awareness of hungry in my body. It's amazing. I already plan to continue until a weekend away and wedding on Sept 8. I will maintain some semblance of compliance that weekend, mixed with one or two off road meals, and two nights with cocktails. I like the way I feel eating like this, but I really love to cook and especially bake. I miss it. I was like the queen of paleo-ified goodness, impressing the biggest non-believers with my "cheeses" and cookies, and more. So, as I slide out of my Whole30, I will have to be really careful about 2 particularly slippery slopes: alcohol and excessive paleo-ifying. Eating out is a thing too of course, but I am liking the money savings and with my reduced cravings, I don't think it will come up too too much. (how much is too much?) is a couple of cocktails with a paleo meal plus some french fries every friday night too much? probably, huh. hmmm...I am getting nervous about coming off, clearly. Given my history, I may have to go right back into another whole 30 right after the wedding...

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