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Urge to jump on the scale, nervous not losing weight


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All I want to do is jump on the scale to be sure that the changes I've made are worth it. I feel better, and I know that's what really matters. But I want to lose weight. (I have been struggling since my nearly two year old was born.)


To make things worse, I am at that point, about 10 days in, where my pants are tighter. So now I really want to weigh myself to be sure my change in diet isn't actually making me gain weight!


Words of encouragement?

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Words of encouragement:  YOU ROCK!  This is such a big undertaking and you are awesome for making the effort to better your body and strengthen your mind.  It isn't easy!


Are you following the template?  Snacking too much?  Eating enough and not restricting too many calories?  Exercising?  


Depending on what you are eating now vs what you were eating 10 days ago, you could be experiencing bloating from a previously underworked GI system.  More fiber and more fat can initially cause some problems as your body adjusts.   Any imbalance in intestinal flora can be oh-so-fun to experience during the transition back to a healthy gut.  You can cut back on cruciferous vegetables and/or make sure they are cooked if you are eating a lot of them right now.


For many of us, this isn't a 30 day fix.  This is a longer process that is just jump-started by the Whole30.  Depending on where you started, it could take months for your body to heal.


Please do not weigh yourself, and please do not make the Whole30 about weight loss.  You can lose the weight later after you feel better and have a healthier relationship with what is on your plate.


Take care!  Hang in there.

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Thanks! Yes, my GI tract was a MESS 10 days ago. My naturopath actually tested my stool and found it was full of yeast. I have recurring vaginal yeast infections, so she thinks this is my issue. I haven't felt this good in a long time!


I have not been counting calories in the last 10 days. Prior to going on this, I would count calories and eat snacks at 10 am, 2 pm, and then on the couch whilst watching tv. Oh! And drink two glasses of wine/beer every night. I haven't done that at all in 10 days. No cheats....


I have had a few snacks here at there. (A larabar, handful of cashews). I know I can limit this more, because I find myself doing this even when I'm not hungry. BUT.... Compared to what I was doing, this is a huge difference. And I feel good (this is the longest I've gone without a yeast infection in over a year! Sad, I know, but I am amazed).


Thanks for the encouragement!

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I'm only coming from about a week ahead of you, bpaynecos, and I can promise you it is worth it to stay OFF the scale. I felt the same way on day 9, and wanted to throw in the towel, but I stuck it out. By day 12, I woke up to a surprisingly flatter tummy. Then I went on a little shopping trip and found that while my clothing size was the same, the clothes just fit....differently. I can see tiny body composition changes, and I am sure you will be able to, too!


You are healing, you are becoming WELL for the first time in however long, and your body is learning a new way of processing fuel. That in itself is a really big deal! If you were to jump on the scale, and see a stagnant number or even a tad higher number, you would want to quit and undo the progress you have made thus far.  


Step back and think about what you know and what you have learned: Eating Real Food is Good for You.


Stick it out!

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We should stay in touch since we're on the same day!


PamH- I have a gross pooch leftover from having two kids. Ugh.... It's so discouraging having that darn thing hang over my pants (especially this a.m. when it was harder for me to zip them up!). I really hope this helps. I can't imagine that it won't, though, because I was really out of control eating and drinking too much (not drinking too much so that I'd be intoxicated, just that I made it a habit of having a glass or two nightly!).



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bpaynecos - yes!!!  Let's keep in touch and keep each other motivated!  According to the timeline - days 10 and 11 are the hardest days.  So we're almost over the hump!!!  I'm not going to weigh because if I did see a stagnant number like Emily described, I would tear into the girl scout cookies that are hid in my freezer :).  It's a process and I REALLY do feel so much better!  It's hard for me right now because that time of the month is about to begin - I normally go crazy on sugar during this time. 

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YES! Me too. But I wonder how much of binging during TOM is just habit? For me I bet it's quite a bit. Just like how it was definitely a habit to eat lunch then hit up the candy bowl of a coworker because I "needed" chocolate. Not true! :)


I have been drinking mint tea when I have a twinge of a craving. I think it keeps me occupied. Maybe give that a shot (and please god, don't tell me mint tea is noncompliant!)

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I'm on day 9 and I too have wanted to weigh myself literally EVERY DAY.


So much so that I had to bring my scale to my mom's house so that I wouldn't get it off the shelf in the closet - which I need a stool to reach!


I've started to feel better, my cravings are getting fewer and less frequent, I'm sleeping better, my acne is clearing up and my skinny pants are getting a bit too big, which is awesome...


But while I was at my folks' house this weekend, I desperately wanted to weigh myself. So I took a page from one of the Whole30 Daily emails and told on myself. I found my mom and said "I'm going to weigh myself, give me my scale." She looked a little puzzled and asked why I was telling her, and again reminded me that I wasn't supposed to weigh myself. This little trick helped immensley and was enough to deter me. Though I do think my mom hid the scale in a different spot, though. Haha!


Good luck ladies!

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Don't do it. The weight loss is a byproduct of being healthier, not the goal. It will happen, but maybe not after 10 days. Then you'll get discouraged. Wait it out. You can do it.


My scale battery wore out a few weeks ago, and I haven't even thought about weighing myself (I'm post W30). It's very liberating.

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