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Avocado's Log!


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Hi everyone, I started a whole 30 on Monday - i reached a point where enough was enough and it was time to clean out my body and reevaluate how and what i eat. 


Some issues I'm keeping in mind: 

-poor sleep: waking up multiple times throughout the night

-exercise performance: eating crap recently has brought my strength and endurance down. I've been feeling like I'm not progressing like i should be, and I think lack of sleep and lack of nutrition are huge factors here

-snacking constantly: i was eating way too much sugar, and eating some sugar just leads me to eat more and more, then something savory to balance it, then more sugar, etcetc.

-weight: my wakeup call was not being able to put on a favorite and frequently worn pair of jeans. yikes.

-skin: more blemishes and clogged pores than i'm used to, clearly an indicator of poor nutrition choices and not enough water. 

-emotional health: feeling bloated, fat, tired, and irritable has done terrible things for my self confidence and my mood. time to take control of my life and not let those feelings hold me back. 


Here's my log so far. I'm working on adding veggies - especially to breakfast, which is hard to do with my schedule - and not "snacking" so much (it's not between meal snacking, its WITH meals, but it feels kind of scattered) 


M 2/24 day 1
B: 3 soft boiled eggs, coffee with almond milk
L: homemade pot roast (more or less this recipe: http://paleomg.com/easy-shredded-beef) and broccoli with salsa, few beet chips, handful of almonds and 3 dried apricots, a couple strawberries
D: pot roast, broccoli, and salsa; banana with almond butter, 1 egg
T 2/25 day 2
B: 3 soft boiled eggs, coffee with almond milk
L: chili (http://rivernorthpaleo.blogspot.com/2012/10/paleo-crockpot-chili.html) with avocado, baked zucchini with olive oil, salt, and paprika; blueberries and blackberries; a few almonds, 1 prune
D: sashimi and blueberries - unexpectedly worked late, didn't have a good veg option
W 2/26 day 3 - I was SO hungry
B: 3 soft boiled eggs, coffee with almond milk
L: chili and avocado, a few almonds, apple with almond butter
D: chicken sausage, cabbage cooked in coconut oil topped with about a tb of mayo. Another tb almond butter (so, i need to better regulate my almond butter consumption)
Th 2/27 day 4
B: 2 soft boiled eggs, coffee with almond milk
L: chicken sausage, cabbage in coconut oil, a small bowl of homemade chili; handful of blueberries, handful of almonds
D: salad with romaine, beets, jicama, snap peas, chicken, egg, hearts of palm, olive oil, vinegar
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Do you have a copy of the meal template? Whole30 recommends that each meal follow the template of 1-2 palms of protein, 1-3 cups of veggies and the appropriate amount of compliant fat.

All breakfasts and one of your dinners was missing veggies (or light - salsa alone wouldn't be sufficient). Lunch on day 3 looks light in veggies. (That and no veggies at breakfast are likely why you were so hungry that day). Don't let fruit push veggies off your plate. 

Check to be sure your almond milk is compliant (no sweetener, carrageenan or other nasties). Also check that the dried apricots are compliant (no sugar or sulphur dioxide).


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Hey Chris, thanks for the advice!

I think part of it is that I embarked on this whole 30 semi-impulsively (enough was enough already of eating junk), without really any time to stock up in advance. The past few days have been challenging and I'm making an effort to plan better for the next few weeks so I don't end up stranded again. I'm thinking of keeping some frozen vegetables at work since there are times when I work all night, and while there's usually fruit laying around, I may not have a vegetable option (see: totally not ideal dinner of sashimi and blueberries...)  


Like i said, I'm trying to figure out how to incorporate more vegetables into my breakfast - I'm sifting through whole 30 recipes to find a make ahead, portable option, but the likes of carrot and cucumber sticks may just have to be the answer :)


The almond milk and apricots are definitely compliant, though  the apricots are something I'd like to view as a sometimes treat, not a staple...


Back to recipe searching!

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F 2/28 - Day 5

B: carrots, shredded chicken, avocado, tea

L: chicken sausage with cabbage and broccoli slaw stirfry cooked in coconut oil and balsamic vinegar; 1/2 banana with 1tb almond butter

D: rare beef pho with extra veg instead of noodles, 1/2 banana

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This weekend went well! I was able to wear a dress on Saturday that looked TERRIBLE in mid january, so that was encouraging. 


Saturday day 6

Breakfast: chili with avocado and carrots

Lunch: Grass fed burger with lettuce, tomato, avocado; tiny green apple and a few almonds
Dinner: Green beans with amazing garlic/olive oil/vinegar sauce and a plate of mussels


Sunday day 7

Snack (was going to brunch around 1 and was too hungry to wait): shredded chicken with avocado oil mayo

Lunch: 3 soft boiled eggs, compliant bacon, steamed spinach

Dinner: turkey and roast beef rollups with avocado, bell pepper, 2 cuties; snacked on some almonds and carrots at an oscar party


Monday day 8

B: 2 soft boiled eggs, TB almond butter, carrots, coffee with compliant almond milk

L: coconut milk tomato chicken soup with 1/4 avocado; steamed cauliflower drizzled with olive oil and balsamic

D: I have nom nom paleo's kalua pork slow cooking away while I'm at work - SO excited to enjoy this tonight with braised cabbage and broccoli slaw!!

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So...the kalua pork. Turns out i used loin instead of butt/shoulder ;( so it's pretty dry but i think i can salvage it. 


This week I'm going to focus on three things: 

1. less fruit

2. stop relying on nuts - limit to every other day

3. TONS of water


Tuesday 3/4 day 9

B: shredded chicken, broccoli slaw, homemade avocado oil mayo; coffee with compliant almond milk

L: chicken soup from yesterday with spinach and 1/4 avocado

D (planned): 3 soft boiled eggs, no sugar bacon, and zucchini browned in coconut oil; chicken bone broth (this is cooking right now, hoping i'll have better luck with this recipe haha) 

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Wednesday 3/5 day 10 

8am B: chicken and pork with broccoli slaw and home made mayo; coffee with compliant almond milk

1pm L: chicken tomato coconut milk soup with a ton of spinach and 1/2 avocado

5pm S: half avocado, a prune, and a few nuts (lunch was not big enough, and i knew i was getting home too late to wait for meal 3) 

9:30pm D: 3 eggs, 2 zucchini cooked in ghee, and a cup of homemade chicken bone broth
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