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Nervously diving in...


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Don't have time to write much now, today is Day 1 of Whole 30. I have had many, many "Day 1s" before, though none official (never joined forum, for example). Life-long overeater, just enough to hover right at that upper threshold of "normal" weight most of my life. I chose today to start because the 30 days will end on my 40th birthday, and I'd like to start my 40s feeling fantastic.


Quick log:

Bfast: 1 large chicken sausage, 2 eggs fried in chicken fat; 1 green smoothie with spinach, cucumber, parsley, ginger, lemon, coconut water


Lunch:chicken salad (roast chicken, home made paleo mayo, iceberg lettuce)


Snacks: 2 spoonfuls almond butter, 2 spoonfuls coconut butter


Drinks: green tea, chai tea, decaf (black), lemon water


Not really hungry for dinner, will likely skip, though I'm making my family a paleo hash: chicken sasuage (removed from casing and crumbled) with frozen veggies and browned brussels sprouts, all cooked in chicken fat with spices.


I sortof hate being weird and legalistic about food (one of "those" people), but, I know how much better this way of eating makes me feel, so here goes...

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As you begin your Whole30, I'd like to share some tips to get you started on the best track.


- smoothies are discouraged on a Whole30. The idea is to chew your food vs. drink it, as chewing is more satiating.


- snacks, if needed, are recommended to be a mini meal containing a protein and fat. Nuts are a fat source on a Whole30. 

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Followup day 1: had the dinner I made the fam, paleo hash with an egg fried on top. Yum. After an early morning yoga session and an afternoon 5-mile run, I am beat. Bed by 9 tonight.

Thanks for the advice gfchris. I will likely still choose the green smoothie from time to time, tho not daily. No fruit sugar in mine and such a good way to incorporate healthy ingredients like ginger and parsley. Typically when I first start back on a paleo plan I snack more than I need, to assure myself there is no deprivation, but I know from experience the snacking will naturally taper down. That's one of the reasons I'm doing this--eating paleo typically gets me off the eat-all-day train. Maybe my beloved almond butter will just be part of my meals in future. (Seems like both a protein and a fat to me. No matter, I know if I get super legalistic I will drive myself crazy and end up throwing in the towel!) That's my crazytrain cycle: eat clean for a few days, then decide I want to be someone who can just normally eat everything in moderation, so I eat everything, maybe moderately for a few days, but sooner or later I'm in binge mode, then I go paleo again in an attempt to get my eating under control. It's a roller coaster. Sigh. How I hate having food issues...I'm ready for a permanent change and a calmer, more fulfilling life without the food/weight obsession!

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