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Done and Dusted


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Hi everyone,


Just wanted to say that I had a fantastic experience while doing the Whole30; while I had headaches and experienced tiredness in the first few days that was about the extent of my discomfort.


My background:


In October 2012 I took myself to a nutritionist who, with a lot of painstaking diary keeping about how I was feeling after certain foods, explained to me that I would benefit from a lowfodmap diet that definitely excluded gluten among several other things. At the same time, I decide to take up running again after a 6 year hiatus due to chronic shin splints and having a baby.


The results were amazing! i felt so strong and healthy and lost that bloated / crampy feeling and ended up losing about 10kg ( probably a bit too much) and running my first marathon in October 2013.


Why I joined Whole30


An annoying calf injury followed by an extended festive season led to over - eating / bloating and just feeling really off.  I had  fallen in to the trap of eating GF foods/treats  and paleo treats  just because I could and I realised that it actually wasn't as healthy as I was pretending to myself it was. I wanted to eat cleanly, not to lose weight but just to feel great.


The results

I don't have exact numbers because I didn't weigh myself but at my nutritionists last week I weighed the same as I did pre Christmas so clearly i've lost some weight and I've also lost about 1.5 inches off both my waist and hips.

The best thing is the sleep - I sleep through the night now which is sooooooo good and I have much more energy than I've had in months.

My husband didn't do the programme but did give up alcohol and would happily eat most of my Whole30 compliant meals and he has lost weight and is sleeping so much better too.


What I learned


It didn't kill me not to have wine and nibbles on a Friday night


I didn't need to give myself a "treat" every time I walked past my favourite GF Bakery or Paleo Cafe


I could still socialise without a drink in my hand


I'm not afraid to have more than one egg at time.


I don't need 3 or 4 coffees a day - I have one  and maybe a tea at the most


I'm a better cook than I thought


I am not eating Gluten free bread or pasta ever again - they taste terrible and I accept that those foods are out of my life.


Leftovers for the next day can sometimes mysteriously disappear around a hungry 18 year old boy.


The support from everyone on the forums and through the daily emails was overwhelming and can make your day!


Some people just want to refer to this as fad diet no matter how much you explain that it's not



Where to from here?


I guess I will have to dip my toe back into the real world which is scary.  Some dairy on the weekend I think?

 I'm going to continue to eat this way or as close to this way as much possible and I'm going to run another marathon later in the year.


Thanks guys

:D  :D  :D  :D







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