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Am I doing something wrong?


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I am on day 7 of the program.  I am a vegetarian. I have experienced more energy and more even energy throughout the day. I have had moderate cravings and crazy iced cream dreams, but I haven't been tired, too hungry, or have headaches - never experienced the "carb flu."  I have been 100% compliant with my food choices and I meal plan.   I purposely stayed away from exercise my first week because I was fearful that I couldn't re-start my work outs and change my eating habits at the same time.  I'm just a little confused why my symptoms seem so mild compared to others.

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Honestly I felt the same worry.  I didn't have any cravings, desire to kill all the things, weird dreams,

carb flu, etc... so I kept looking back at the rules to be sure I was living by them.  I have been 100%

compliant.  ...And I do feel good.  My (pre-Thanksgiving long) sinus infection is gone.  I feel lighter

and less puffy.  I am sleeping better and my energy level is even throughout the day.  I am so

happy to have done this (on day 24 now).  I'm reaping the benefits and they are quite tangible, so

I have stopped questioning why I didn't experience such extreme symptoms.  I'm just thrilled with the

positive outcomes!    :)

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