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EmayPA's log (#1 Mar 1, 2014 start)


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Got started today, yay! The good: lovely breakfast with three eggs on top of sauteed onions, red peppers and zucchini. The bad: coffee with almond milk fail :P I like bulletproof coffee, so will try with ghee and MCT tomorrow. Coconut milk if that doesn't work. :)

Was out in the sunshine clearing MORE snow in advance of the big storm coming tomorrow/Monday trying to improve my neighbor's parking spot for her. We did a lot, and it felt good to be out in the sun.

Start weight 138 lbs (not about weight for me, though).


Breakfast was so late, it was really brunch :) so I think I might end up with only 2 meals today, but that's ok with me, I often only have 2 real meals, but they're usually breakfast and lunch.

Did some more ice/snow removal, came in and had a clementine and a cup of chai tea (plain spiced tea), then started dinner.

Dinner was simple, but really good: 1/3 of a pastured pork chorizo sausage I found at a new market that opened recently (Mom's Organic Market in Bryn Mawr-completely heart them already) delicious!

Boiled, then fried up with some spinach, alongside a little sweet potato. Nothing special (well, I really liked the sausage :) ) but tasty and satisfying all the same.

Looking forward to tomorrow... doing a big cook up of a couple of Nom Nom Paleo chicken leg recipes - yay!


Note to self: eat 3 meals tomorrow. Follow the rules. Oh, and if you eat that last clementine, eat it after, not before a meal.


Note #2: eat within an hour of getting up, not 4 hours later, after running errands and shoveling snow!

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Day 2:

Still pretty psyched about this :). Woke up well, and had breakfast pretty much within the hour window... same as yesterday: 3 beautiful pastured eggs over cooked onions, red bell peppers, and diced zucchini.

Gave up on the idea of coffee today, and just had a cup of chai with almond milk.

Was going to make Nom Nom Paleo's green chicken, but realized I didn't have enough basil, so opted for d*mn fine chicken instead. I've been stalking her website for ages, and have had her cookbook since the day it came out, but have YET to cook anything! For shame.

So, d-fine it is, with rice vinegar instead of sherry vinegar, since I don't have any. Using red palm oil as a fat for the very first time. Still marinating in the fridge... update later...

Lunch was a quickie: hamburger fried in coconut oil topped with guacamole, and a small sweet potato with ghee.

Waiting to start dinner, since I'm not hungry from lunch. Also have to make a breakfast fritatta, since I don't think we'll be snowed in tomorrow, and I'll need a quick breakfast before digging out and going to work.


Chicken was tasty... had with Brussels sprouts and a clementine. Keep thinking I'm eating too much food, but I think that's just old habits...

Looking forward to a good night's sleep. :)

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Day 3:


Woke up before the alarm (second day in a row - woot!  I'm am SO not a morning person) but lazed for a few minutes listening to the weather and traffic reports on the radio.  Office had a hour-delayed opening - so I had time to get my act together and shovel out (not much, but enough).


Good thing, too, since I didn't make my breakfast last night - oops. 


Was a little queasy this am - no idea why - but forced my self to make and eat breakfast - 3 eggs over some sauteed spinach with Penzey's Forward! for a little something.  Needed some more "something" :)  but not sure what - maybe more garlic!    Need to pick up a jar of hot cherry peppers - I love the little kick they add to things - and I'm out.


Ate, though not very enthusiastically, and went out to fill the birdfeeder and shovel out.  Felt SO much better afterwards.  Shoveled half my neighbor's spot out too, even.


Maybe my body is telling me it LIKES some physical activity in the morning? 


Uh oh.  51 and unfit may morph into 52 and fit, if I don't watch it.  :ph34r:


Can't wait!


Lunch will be leftover d*mn fine chicken and brussels sprouts.  Don't yet know what's for dinner.  I think I may try the Aidell's sausage I bought at Costco and cook up the fab kale I got the other day.  Maybe another sweet potato.  Not stressing - there's plenty of food in the house, easily made, if I don't feel like cooking much.


Having bulletproof coffee with ghee right now - not loving it, but not hating it either.  I think my caffeine consumption is going to fall dramatically this month.  That's a good thing!




Day-late update:


Tried the Aidell's fried up with spinach and sweet potatoes.  Tasty enough, but I think that the sausages are more of a breakfast-type to my taste buds, so I'll save them for that in the future.


So, compliant food and no snacking - all is well! 


Wondering if a small sweet potato a day is too much for me (not really working out).  We'll see...

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Day 4:


Woke up ahead of the alarm again today - woot - but not as perky as the last few days.  (More like my normal cranky not-a-morning-person self.  heh.)


Breakfast  (I'm not up for calling them M1, 2, 3 yet): :unsure:


Had 2 eggs over spinach... I'm finding that that early in the am, 3 eggs is too much for me - I'm stuffing them down and not enjoying them, and not hungry for lunch at a normal hour.  I have really small hands (my ring size is a 4.5) so I'm good, I hope.  :P




Went for a walk (1 mile) even though it's FREEZING outside (at least the sun is out) and came back to 2 more d*mn fine drumsticks and a bunch of steamed kale (salt, pepper, coc. oil), followed by 1/2 banana.


That banana!  oh my.  I've been low-carbing for so long, I can't remember the last time I had a banana.  Half was good - just right.


I've stuck the rest of the drumsticks in the freezer for another time, and will cook up a nice big batch of Melicious' chocolate chili tonight.


I'm gonna need a bigger freezer.  [cue Jaws theme]




ok - I'm snacky now.   :angry:


I'm not going to eat anything, but for the first time, I'm snacky.  Either my lunch wasn't big enough (maybe needed another veg in there) or the banana wasn't such a hot idea, or it's a Day 4 thing, or any/all of the above.




Methinks I'm going to have to cook up a burger for dinner (with veg, of course) and eat while the chili is cooking...


more later...

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That banana!  oh my.  I've been low-carbing for so long, I can't remember the last time I had a banana.  Half was good - just right.


And with this, I know you are stronger than I will ever be. How cool that you're so low carb that even a banana strikes you as notably sweet!

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Right?  It's crazy.  It's like I have to give myself permission to eat a *banana* for goodness' sake! 


I'm eating a small sweet potato every day... still waiting for the ground to open up and swallow me whole.  :lol:   God bless Dr. Atkins and may he rest in peace - he got me this far along in my journey - but I'm SO happy to be *here* now.


You're strong too, Choco!  We're here - that already speaks volumes!  Besides, I always preferred my carbs on the savory side more than sweet.  I could walk past a chocolate cake (really) but a pan of lasagne?  Get out of my way!   :P


I've been gluten-free for a couple months now, and thankfully I've had noticible joint improvements that I'm NOT willing to forgo, otherwise I think I'd get back on THAT rollercoaster at some point. 


Thanks so much for checking in!

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Day 18:


Back online after TOO long away - work, travel, connectivity issues.  blah blah.


I have NOT given up!  I have not "cheated."   I seem to be about a week behind in the timeline - I want to kill all the things, throw in the towel, busting out of my pants, craving cr@p I don't even like. (Hamburger Helper? Seriously? wtf?) :angry:  


I have not given in to the dark side - though the kitties are running scared.   :lol:


But!   I have not been the best Whole-30er.  I already know this is not my last W30, and may continue on and make this a 60.  I've eaten cleanly, but am pushing the rules.  There have been too many mornings where I haven't eaten w/in an hour; too many snacks while out traveling (instead of planned meals).  This doesn't serve me well - I'm missing out by not doing things as prescribed. 


I hope to be back to check in daily.


For today:  On track so far. 

Breakfast - 2 eggs and a small sweet potato. 

Lunch on deck:  Nomnom green chicken and some spinach and a clementine.

Dinner tbd.  Maybe a couple more chicken legs and a different veg.


I'll wait until the 30th to weigh myself, but I think I may need to go easier on the carby veg and fruit.  (I'm not overeating either, but think a sweet potato and a large piece of fruit every day is too much for me.)


I also think the W30 compliant sausages need to stay in the freezer, and had maybe once a week, if that. 


Gonna try to keep it simple.  Meat, eggs, veg - with nothing processed (unless by me).


More to follow...

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