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Fermented pickles and sauerkraut recipes?


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Wondering if anyone around here ferments their own pickles and sauerkraut? I'm looking for a good proven recipe to make my own. I know Alton Brown has one for sauerkraut, but many of the comments claim it is way too salty.


Thanks in advance!

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I havent' done cucumber pickles yet,  supposedly they are tricky to keep from turning to mush. 


I have used this recipe and had great results.  Both my hubby and 8 year old LOVE this stuff on everything. 




 She also provides some good links to other sites with recipes. I let it ferment for a week before putting it in the fridge. That's just a matter of taste and weather, it's fairly warm where I live. 



For plain saurekraut I just weigh the cabbage and use the salt/veg ratio  of 3 tablespoons per 5 lbs of vegetables.  Next time I will grate up an apple and toss some caraway seeds in there. Plain salted kraut is, well...rather plain.   


I usually just salt what ever veggies I have then add what ever spices/seasonings sound good! My husband requested some carrot and cauliflower pickles so I am trying to get ideas for that myself :)  


I keep wanting to do beets but I LOVE them roasted and I can't seem to get them into a jar.  They go into the oven (and mouths!) first. 

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