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day 21, feeling discouraged

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Hitting the forum hard today.


I started doing paleo almost two years ago when I met my boyfriend. He had just lost 60 pounds and was totally gung ho. I was at my heaviest weight ever, about 210 or so. I had an injury that required bed rest and I hadn't lost the weight from that.

I have never been a big on weighing myself regularly. I tend to go on the thickness feeling. Like if my clothes feel like sausage casings or I just feel uncomfortably thick around the middle.

I am about 5'8" tall and big so I don't have unreasonable goals for my weight. I think 160-175 would be great.

When I started on the paleo diet I lost about 20 pounds in the first month. I was doing outdoor manual labor and the pounds just came right off.

I kind of plateaued after that. And my boyfriend was no longer trying to lose weight so he was having a lot of cheats and we were definitely not following a strict paleo diet. 

We have been off and on since, and mostly off since May of 2013. My weight has been in the same general vicinity of about 195 ish since my initial weight loss. 

We went on vacation in January for 3 weeks in Costa Rica and ate a lot of rice and beans. I was eating cookies, sugary drinks, and having treats whenever I felt like it too.

I decided to do a whole 30 when we got home as a jumpstart back to a paleo lifestyle. 

I love to cook and always eat mostly whole foods.My boyfriend was happy to do the whole 30 with me, as he had put on a few pounds too. I have never eaten much dairy due to a life long allergy, but I do like half and half in my coffee and butter. 

So, the whole 30 has been relatively easy for us. We started 2 days after our vacation ended on February 8, 

We love to cook together so that has been enjoyable, and we have had plenty of time to focus on our diet too. The hardest part has been trying to eat enough during meals to stay full until the next meal. I have worked really hard to learn to eat small meals more often when hungry, so it is a real challenge for me. No snacking is hard too.

I have to admit that I was mostly motivated by a desire to lose weight more than anything else, so I am frustrated by my lack of weight loss. My clothes are as tight as ever and I am not feeling more energy either. Sleeping fine and skin looks good. Digestion fine too. Not feeling bad, but definitely feeling like what is the point with no weight loss results. 

We have been following the meal template carefully I have been limiting nuts and dried fruits and keeping fresh fruits down to one serving per day. Also carefully including fruit with meals rather than as snacks or desserts. 

Eating ghee, coconut milk, olive oil, avocados for fats. 

Plenty of protein, plenty of vegetables of all kinds. Less of the starchy stuff except carrots because it seems too sweet to me. 

Still having sugar cravings, not horrible but I think about sugar a lot.

Not getting a ton of exercise but some walking.

Want to stay strict paleo after whole 30, but feeling unmotivated today. 

Can't figure out what I am doing wrong here! 

Sorry for the long, disjointed post, it feels good to clear my head! 

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Where you have been predominantly paleo already, you may not see dramatic weight loss results or energy changes.  Besides, the Whole30 isn't a weight loss program.  ;) 

Can you post 2-3 days worth of a typical food log, along with your activity level, hours of nightly sleep you're getting, and the amount of water you're drinking daily?  Folks here may be able to recommend possible tweaks.

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I don't have any words of encouragement except that it's only been 3 weeks and even if you've lost a pound a week, which would be great progress, you might not notice it. These 3 weeks were going to pass anyway and being that it hasn't been very hard for the both of you what have you really missed out on? I guess it might be helpful to just realize that you chose paleo for a reason and if nothing else the Whole 30 will get you back on that path so the sacrifices you've made so far haven't been worthless.

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Thanks for the replies, I appreciate it!

I think I was just feeling frustrated this morning, because now I'm feeling much more positive. I have no regrets about doing whole 30 and I am absolutely happy about having my diet back under control. I was just hoping that weight loss would be one of the benefits. 


Day before yesterday


Black coffee, eggs and meat and veggies. Cannot remember the details, but our breakfasts tend to be the same. 


Tuna salad over a big salad


Pork roast with veggies and salad




Black coffee, eggs and chicken livers with cauliflower 


Leftover pork roast and veggies  


Hamburger and veggies with tomatoes and Brussels sprouts




Black coffee, an egg with some leftover burger, and a side of broccoli


Leftover pork roast with tomatoes, celery and eggplant dip


after working in the yard for several hours I had half and apple and some leftover meat with veggies 


Dinner will be

Roasted chicken with Brussels sprouts and salad 


Basically following the template to a T.

trying to be aware of 'using' dates and fruit and coconut together or fruit as dessert

Been sleeping around 8 hours a night

Walking, playing frisbee golf, yard work

drinking around two quarts water a day 


Any ideas would be welcome

Thank You

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By your clothes being tight, if you think that's due to bloating, you could try dropping the salad, celery and tomatoes and switching to all cooked vegetables and see if that helps.  Your energy could also be helped by including at least one carb-dense vegetable daily.

On the exercise, have you tried incorporating strength training activity?

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Thanks for the tips, chris. I have added carrots or sweet potato to breakfast and that has helped a lot. I am also feeling thinner, but continue to eat lots of raw veg. Not bloated feeling, more like I was feeling fat. As far as strength training goes, I do a lot of manual labor, so I limit exercise in that area, preferring walking and yoga. Thanks for your help!

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