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Whole30 on a cycling tour across USA! Help please!


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Hello! My name is Elise and I have been on a bike tour since early January. So far I have ridden my bike from Austin,TX to Sanibel island,FL. During the first part of my trip I let myself eat whatever I wanted, because the idea of riding 1,400 miles was daunting enough...but that was when I thought my trip would only be 4 weeks long. After I began to realize I was able to do the miles, and I started to feel really crappy from all the carbs, I decided to start weening back off of the crappy food. Before long I had decided to extend my bike trip and knew I needed to recommit myself to eating right again. I had gained weight and could tell I was all puffy. I got rid of gluten and started to feel better. I stayed with a friend who had the "It starts With Food" book sitting on her coffee table and it was a welcome sight to see. I had started reading it before, and was hungry for more. So here I am, after research on Paleo diet and cycling, giving it a try and my boyfriend is along for the ride, in both ways!

I am really curious if anyone has advice or has attempted endurance sports on this diet? We are taking it as easy as possible during the whole30 phase, but how do we snack appropriately during our long rides? We need to eat something every hour while we ride...

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Good luck on your ride and congratulations on making and wanting to make a healthy change :-)

Here's just a few suggestions, although you probably need more

Almond butter filled dates

Lara Bars or maybe Rx bars (I haven't personally tried rx before)

Nuts/dried fruit

Lean chicken cooked, eaten cold (if your stomach can handle that)


Pureed Fruit Pouch (Buddy Fruit or Ella's brand)

Sweet Potato

Coconut Meat

Beef Jerky


How are you eating your meals? Staying at friends house, hotel, camping?


I'm sure there are plenty other suggestions.

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