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whole 30 while tree planting?


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I'm starting my whole30 today, i've done it once before and it was great! then i feel off the wagon so i'm wanting to get back on track with my diet. 


I'm just starting my 4 month season of tree planting. it's an uncommon job for people in the states but in Canada is a big summer job for a lot of youth. 


I've been doing this for 8 years. it's very physical, you carry trees around your waist all day that can be very heavy and your working on putting them in the ground as fast as possible. 

everyone out there runs on carbs and sugar. in camp there is a big bucket of cookies ! last year i tried hard not to be a part of this. but chips always seemed to sneak in. 


my biggest question is - is it possible to be 100% primal out there? it's about 8 -10 hours of physical work a day. i've tried to be 100% primal on some days but i always ended up nauseous at the end untill i ate something carby. 

Maybe that is just a transition....?


any word of advice would be appreciated. at work i'm basically eating. boiled eggs, steaks, some veggies, and a few almonds. 


Thanks ! if there are any other tree planters on this site that go primal let me know how you do it!

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Hi Nickle, I planted for 3 years back in '97, '98, and '99. I absolutely loved it...but it was the most physically-demanding thing I've ever done in my life :-) As far as I'm concerned, it should be a right of passage for every 18 to 20-something-year-old!


I've never really had a sweet tooth, so I never binged on any of the sugary foods that were in bush camp, but I clearly remember eating the most I've ever eaten in my life - eating constantly actually - and having the weight fall off me. I couldn't keep weight on if I tried (and trust me, that is the only time in my life where that has been the case!). I was just burning that many calories. To (try to) answer your question, I think the only way I would be able to be 100% primal/paleo while tree planting is if you have a really good camp cook (so, the food that is available to you is of good quality and delicious), and you're able to squirrel away enough compliant food to feed yourself when you're out on the block. I remember the kitchen helper being very selective about how he dispensed the protein at breakfast and dinner when we lined up to get our food: he would consistenly give the bigger pieces of animal protein to the men (or even give them more than one piece!) and give the women smaller pieces, and definitely not more than one. I'm 5'9" and solidly built so I took issue with his system. When I asked him for another piece of chicken/meat/whatever, he told me to finish what I had on my plate first and then come back for another piece, which is fine except that there was never any left over animal protein. Ever. There are all kinds of things that don't come to mind, until you're out there.


You're using tons of energy when you plant, so it's a high energy need, but it's a steady energy need. I really don't see any need to consume sugar at all, but I don't know how you'd get enough food to sustain your energy needs without eating carbs (bread/pasta/etc). If I were trying to plant while staying paleo/primal, I would bring a big 'ol bottle of MCT oil with me so that I could take a swig any time I felt the need for some clean burning fuel without succumbing to consuming other less healthy/less paleo alternatives.

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sweet power puppy! thanks for your reply!


that camp cook sounds awful! last summer i had my camp cook just set me aside just the meat section when it was pasta night (very accommodating) so i'm grateful for that! 

we have a glorified camp - i have an RV and a BBQ so last year i started to buy some of my own lunch options. so i hope to do that the same and maybe cook up some steaks on day off and have them for the block? i will try this. 


right now i'm planting on the coast and it's been pretty successful with the primal . i got boiled eggs and deli meat, and beef soup and salad at the end of the day ! so far so good!

just have to say no thank you to the candy that comes around !


thanks so much for your info ! it's so nice to hear about planters not caving to the sugar and carbs!


and i'll defiantly get me some of that MCT oil :) 

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wow pemmican - i've never heard of it before, but really like the idea. this is what i need out there. to replace the granola bar. 


thanks so much Nico - the process looks intense i've never seen them sold over here (canada) but it would be worthy try to re create what Paleo Mom has suggested. 


thanks for responding !

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