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I started my first whole 30 yesterday, March 3rd!!


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I officially started my first whole 30 yesterday, and did not realize all of the forums available to me! This is incredible. I have found that reading other peoples post-whole 30 results can be very inspiring, and I think they will be a tremendous help throughout the month.


I learned about the diet through a co-worker, and did not read the book, or peruse the website enough before diving in. I'm glad I am now learning about all of these resources available to me, as I'm sure I will need them in the coming weeks. 


Day 1 went well, and I am now conquering day 2. My wife is also doing the whole 30 with me, but only for dinner (as a way to make it easier for us to eat our one meal of the day together. I know this month is going to be tough due to our extreme love of craft beers, breweries, and restaurants... But I am determined to get through this!


Wish me luck! 

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