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What can I have?


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Pre-workout meal should be protein and small amount of fat. Many opt for a hard boiled or deviled egg with coconut milk in coffee or a handful of nuts. I like leftover protein from the previous dinner, like diced chicken or tuna salad, or even some quickly heated compliant sausage. I typically don't mind eating cold meats so I usually just grab a bag or tupperware of whatever lean meat I have in the fridge...try to release the mental "breakfast food" hold and consider it "fuel" instead.


Overall, you want a small portion of protein and fat with low carbs...you don't want your body to have easy access to carbs when you're trying to fat-adapt and burn that fat in the workout. 


Post workout should be a larger portion of protein with an optional carb--depends on your goals. It seems that most prefer tuna or chicken and perhaps a sweet potato to help with recovery while your muscles are primed to build new tissue.. Don't add fat at this point, save that for your next meal.  


Hope this helps!

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It helps a little bit. I'm just wondering quick foods too eat before I workout after work. Something that I can eat and make within five minutes and leftovers work too. Basically your saying proteins and some fats for pre workout. Lean meats for the protein and some nuts for fats? What other examples of food is good for pre-workout? My post workout meal is definitely my dinner...

Protein: left over meats

Fats: nuts


What else can i Add to the lis for both proteins and fats?

would avocado be a good fat for pre workout?

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